Do not use my photo!

Just an FYI, I had an agent call me saying that I can’t use her photo for inclusion in the Spectora Home Inspection report as she doesn’t own it. It was owned by Castle and Cooke and they don’t approve of it being included in the report. So I promptly removed her photo and her contact info from the report.

Never had an agent or company not want free advertising…


Did you kill the deal? :sunglasses:
Just had one last week that wanted the same thing because she didn’t think anything needed fixed.


No, the client actually hired and paid me, so no need to put the agent in there. Just seems a bit odd to me though…

They did have a lot of conditions before they’d allow me to do the inspection…

  1. Can’t walk on the roof, either drone or from the eaves unless you are a roofing contractor.
  2. Copy of liability and workers comp
  3. Can’t mark any issues including blue tape (I don’t do this anyway)
  4. Must provide the report within 24 hours of the inspection.
  5. They will only correct building code or safety code violations ( I’m not a building code inspector).

I had to agree to this before they’d allow the inspection…


I would have had a family emergency which unfortunately will keep me out of town for a week and won’t be available to perform your inspection, sorry. :telephone_receiver:

As for the photo, around here the Realtor’s all use their High School pics and some haven’t aged so good. :mask:


I do not put any agent information in my reports. The more separation between me and the transaction the better.


I would have no problem with signing this. Any limitations they impose which conflicts with my SOP I can just disclose in the report.

The workman’s comp thing is none of their business. I had one ask for my car insurance. Whatever, I’ll comply if I can. I am here to work.


The agents name and number is added as a courtesy for the client only. I would never put an agent’s 20 year old photo in the report. Nor do I keep their photos. Who cares about the agent or what they want?


For some reason, most of my jobs come from agents looking for an inspector for their clients as opposed to the client calling me, so I like to include the agent on the inspection…as long as they don’t say Im violating a copyright!..:wink:

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I put agent pic in ISN scheduling system but in the actual report is a bit much IMO.


I only put an agent’s name on the report if they were there during the inspection. It goes in the people onsite list with any others.

No photo though I don’t need their ugly mug on my report :joy:


Gotta say that I never even thought of putting an agent’s photo in anything. I don’t even name the agent in the report. I have a line in the agreement authorizing the client’s agent to receive a copy of the report and that is it.

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For those paying attention since the creation of Spectora, that was their prime objective from the onset… sukking up to realtors.

How many know the history of how Kevin (Spectora) got it’s foot in the “H.I.” door? They posted on Thornberries MB asking questions and inquiring what Thornberry cult members wanted to see in a mobile software report. They told him what they wanted, (realtor juice as candy bowls were outdated) and they delivered the goods. Now put 2 and 2 together and you have what just happened in this thread. Realtors getting pissed off!

As for my reports, the only names ever mentioned are my companies and the Clients. There is NO reason for a realtors name to EVER be on a report!