Do we need a CMI exclusive area on the MB?


I have spoken to Nick briefly today about this.

Are there any thoughts-ideas as far as existing CMI inspectors or those that are considering it?


No, CMI needs it’s own board. Why would there be an area here? I thought CMI was totally separate from NACHI now.

I believe the plan is for CMI to span all associations, under those conditions it is conceivable that in the future there would be a CMI section on all HI message boards.

I don’t really don’t blame you for wanting to keep this under wraps. Still used to that good ol’ dependable ASHI board monitoring, eh?

But why a new forum? Why not just keep it going at ?

No I feel the NACHI BB is the most visited BB buy all HIs . If needed we could have one section for CMI posts open to only CMIs members and NACHI members .
It is done now on the BB and only the executive and those on the Committee get to see the posts.
Why should we deny the NACHI members from seeing what is going on as many are interested and might want to become a CMI. My Thoughts Roy Cooke

CMI is not large enough to have its own BB

Right now what will make CMI work is the non CMI’s pushing us up the hill

We are not respected yet


Some will say that having CMI on this board is OK, others will say that since it is no longer a Nachi plan that it should be removed.

At this time with Nick’s approval, in order to get the program up and running, it should be allowed to be viewed by all that register on the BB. Otherwise, keeping it alive on the vine will be an extremely tough job.

Keep it here, give it a seperate area and keep it open.


The thrashing CMI gets on this board is very healthy.
Keep it the sunshine for everyone.

This board has a lot of unity, but we are a big
family and enjoy a good fuss every now and then.

I know Nick is really glad to see Michael Rowan
in the hot seat now, instead of him… :mrgreen:

I am in the process of registering for the CMI, but I do not see the need for a separate BB. To me, this segregates us from them, and just makes for a snot convention that I wouldn’t want any part of. I will be no different after I obtain this level as I am today and remember, all of us had to start-out as newbies too. This BB should pull us all together…not separate us into different leagues. I can’t think of any question that I would ask of another CMI that wouldn’t benefit all involved. IMHO anyway.:smiley:

lol…I got my own board…:)…just teasing ya fella

Actually my comments on its own board is down the road as it grows…

What are CMI’s going to talk about that they need their own forum?

was not about having something to talk about…as long as the CMI BB is only on NACHI…I dont think you will get ASHI guys and NAHI guys to join the CMI program to allow it to grow.

It is not ready for its own just yet…but at some point it should so that ASHI, NAHI and NACHI members can all try to mingle together in a mixed forum.

But other than that…who knows…didn’t say it was a good move for NACHI…but a good move for the CMI at some point


People from different organizations can post here

There are some good inspectors posting here.

How to properly perform the secret handshake, what secret buzzwords to use to signal another See 'M Eye, how to move up the degree ladder (wait, maybe that’s Masons), etc, etc.

Do hats with antlers enter into this somewhere?

Probably stuff like…

That place is downright scary, oughta be a parental warning. :mrgreen:

They could sure use the business though. It’s the only message board on the internet where, when you type a post, you can actually hear an echo…

Perhaps it would be a good way to disseminate information solely about CMI.

Yes, there should be a forum here for it.