Do You Always Believe Nick Gromicko ?

Just curious how many people here actually believe everything Nick Gromicko says.

Not just about the inspection industry, but even when he says things about himself, and or his relationships with others in the industry or not in?

Do you believe Nick …Yes or No ? Please explain (or don’t).


If you look up the word “puffery”, it has Nick’s picture next to it… :wink:

Nick has been described as a carnival barker.

Are they believable? :wink:

It is not a question do you believe him .
This is his association except it the way it is or Not your choice .
He has helped the inspection industry Homies to make money and improve what we have .
I feel we are a lot better of with
ick then we would have been without him.

Sometimes. :slight_smile:

Sorry Roy, this is not about any of that. Just a simple question, do you believe Nick when he tells you something? not necessarily anything to do with the industry, just in general, does that guy tell the truth or not?


Why do you want this information from us.

Sounds sort of sinister to me .

This is information I do not want to give.

Can I put it this way, I would trust Nick more than Jim Keilson.

Is that a valid answer?

Fair enough Roy, then don’t give it.

Nothing “sinister” about it. I can tell you that I do not think the guy is completely honest at all. That’s my opinion some may and some may not, just asking those that are not afraid to speak the truth or just don’t want to. For those people, there is no reason to even post in this thread.

No harm no foul to anyone for their opinions.


No. Not even close.

Sure you can, not really relevant, but sure you can I can make an exception for those to slow to to stick to the actual topic.


If you look back on this message board, you can find dozens of my posts that were not believable at the time they were made. Some of them were so ridiculous when I posted them, that they are outright laughable. I didn’t even believe them. Examples include:

InterNACHI will one day be the largest inspection trade association.
InterNACHI will one day have over 1,000 governmental accreditations.
InterNACHI is going to author and publish hundreds of inspection-related articles.
InterNACHI will one day have a monster website, hundreds of thousands of pages long.
InterNACHI is going to launch NACHI.TV online.
InterNACHI’s message board is going to top a million posts some day.
InterNACHI’s online courses are going to start to be accepted for pre-licensing.
InterNACHI’s webinars will have thousands in attendance.
Tens of thousands of hard copies of InterNACHI’s commercial standards of practice will be sold in multiple languages.
Certified Master Inspector is going to be successfully Trademarked in the U.S. and Canada.
InterNACHI’s website will one day have millions of unique visitors.
The IAC2 logo and links are going to be on products in tens of thousands of retail outlets throughout N. America.
InterNACHI’s inspection books will be best sellers, dozens of times over.
InterNACHI is going to provide each of its members with tens of thousands of dollars worth of benefits.
InterNACHI is going to open a gallery of thousands of inspection-related graphics, all free for members.
CMIs will be grandfathered in Canada.
InterNACHI’s forum will have tens of thousands of registered users.
InterNACHI is going to open a marketing department that designs custom brochures and logos for members.
InterNACHI will one day offer over 100 great inspection courses, all online, and all free for members.
InterNACHI’s founder is going to do a 50-city, N. American inspector marketing tour by car.
InterNACHI will sell hundreds of thousands of copies of its Now that You’ve Had a Home Inspection book.
InterNACHI’s inspector search sites will one day generate millions of free click-thrus to members’ websites.
InterNACHI’s courses will be approved for the continuing education of real estate agents.
InterNACHI will one day have operations around the world.

If you are looking for statements I’ve made over the years that lack all credibility… you’ll find them here. Some, like the examples aforementioned, were totally absurd and not believable.

Of course, eventually, they all became true. :slight_smile:

Let’s not forget the NACHI race car.

That was worthless. But bringing The Ultimate Inspection Vehicle to the Vegas Convention made up for it. That was a total hit. Below are a couple PICs of it with Paige at the Vegas event. Anyway, that was a crazy one: “We’re going to hand-build an inspection vehicle equipped with computers, inspection software, IR cameras and Spectoscopes, cover it with sponsors from the inspection industry, haul it all the way to the Vegas Inspection Convention, and have a model stand by it and hand out our literature.” Unbelievable.


Come to think of it… that was a lie I told. She is a friend of mine. Her real name isn’t Paige Peters. I made that name up for her. I hired her when she was young and I was worried the attention from hosting our www.NACHI.TV show could possibly attract a weirdo or a stalker. So I gave her a new name so that nobody could find her address or anything. Her real name isn’t Paige Peters. I admit, I lied about that.

She got so used to being “Paige Peters” at work (even many InterNACHI staffers didn’t know her real name) and got so used to signing her name “Paige Peters” at InterNACHI and at events, that she would sometimes accidentally sign her personal checks using the name I made up for her.

Here are some PICs of her signing her name (ooops, her fake name)… on an NFL football:

I don’t believe nothing I read and only 50% of what I see especially if it concerns Larry, Curley, and Moe, Keilson, Larson & Bushy;-)

It’s good to see we have moved on to “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire” threads :slight_smile:

Nathan must have finally worn them out.

Sorry Nick. Paige’s real name is easy to find. :wink:

HAHA…you’re a funny little wifey…LOL. This has everything to do with Nate, well that is IF you tell the truth when you write things anyway.

LOL, apparently and according to you he can wears you out…LOL…:shock::wink: