Do you check exterior floodlights?

This one worked.

071409 016.JPG 071409 017.JPG

:shock: Burn hazard?

How did you manage inspecting the rest of the house with all those spots floating around in your eyes?:mrgreen:

lol redneck grill

Tanning light…:smiley:

I would think more of a “redding” light…Isn’t that the color after the first few layers of skin peal off?

You know he has to be popular with the neighbors…

Heck of a porch light…:shock:

I tried to see the wattage. The data plate was illegible. I’m sure it pulls quite a load.

No workspace clearance on the HVAC Disconnect, the SE going up the wall is not secured within 12" of the meter enclosure…oh wait…I did not see that HUGE tanning bed light…lol

Is that a Commercial Halogen light? If so, it may only be rated for indoor use anyway.

Imagne the size of the moths! :shock:

When I see that type of setup, the hvac “disconnect” is usually (likely) double tapped into the meter base which makes it another main panel.

How do you write that up if that was the case Paul?

This house had pages of electrical issues. I said the entire system needed an evaluation. What about the black extension cord tapped directly in to the meter base? Pretty clever, huh?

071409 054.JPG

well for starters if the service disconnect for the dwelling is not outside and they tap into the meter to an HVAC disconnect…then I would say opps you are not meeting the requirements of 230.72 ( grouping ) and defer to an licensed electrical contractor…lol

Homeowner was an electrician. Someone said he was an Abernathy.

Any kin in Pineville, NC, Paul?