Help me. Do you leave anything behind for the seller to read?

I am making a NOTICE for members to modify, add their own contact information, and leave behind for the home seller after doing an inspection for the buyer.

Stuff like:

A reminder to check that we didn’t leave the oven on.
A reminder to set the furnace thermostat back the way it was.
A reminder to call us for a home inspection on the home you are moving to.
A reminder to make sure the refrigerator or freezer is still on.
An explanation of what we inspected and why we had to do certain things.
Notes to alert you to any immediate safety concerns we discovered (gas leaks).
An explanation of why we can’t give you a copy of our client’s report.

If you already use such a notice, can you post the verbiage here please?

Looks nice Chris!

Here’s what I leave at the home.