Homeowner just bought this joint, basement has been leaking since 1st decent rain

and yeah lol she had a home inspection (check chimney out)

this is how one deduces where the stupid water is FIRST entering, has nothing to do with drain tiles, nothing to with a supposed need for better drainage. People who claim that crap are incompetent on this subject and simply do not want to, care to, correctly and honestly IDENTIFY the homeowners actual problem (s) and solution.


Hopefully, you can save the tree growing in the mortar joint. :joy:


lololooolllllllllll… was planning on sending it to Everdry, maybe they could replant it in sump pump area or along wall in their pathetic trench

OMG Mark! I came to see the actual crack! where is the darn crack! all I saw was brick :pensive:

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Appreciate your videos Mark! :grinning: :us:

i got a crack 4 ya bro

thanks John

Ok so you saw the video above, the estimate…

here were her existing defects/problems… not including tuckpointing etc above grade


… and there was a hairline vertical crack at chimney corner

front of house, gas line area, basement leak


after waterproofing these problem areas i ran ANOTHER water test to show her her problems below grade were NOW, fixed correctly as no water, nary a stupid drop entered after running hose for 30 minutes, 6 times longer than when i ran it BEFORE doing the waterproofing and she got water in, quickly. lol

a builder told a homeowner couple months ago that NOBODY can do a water test in 20–30 minutes and prove if an exterior crack in foundation wall was repaired correctly… hahaha

well Mr builder, you were wrong, as what you failed to understand was, we backfill with ALL gravel from the footing all the way UP to within a few inches of grade, see lolol, you didn’t comprehend that part. Running water/hose from grade down through peastone, right-up against a wall, a crack, goes from A ta B, very quick, if there was something wrong with the wall it would have leaked but you failed to add 1 + 1.

i run water tests in clay, silty soil for decades and most, not all, of those basements leaked within 5 no more than 10 minutes when doing a water test. And all those homeowners will back me up and tell you the same thing, problem is not me, it is peeps like you sir, you thought you were going to make Bubba look like a fool to the homeowner and realtor…who is real dufus now? A builder is not an experienced, honest foundation contractor, sowy, night night