Home inspector performs water test

Ok well, i’ll try not to totally dump on the dude, at least he tried to help - he said he ran the water for about 5 min’s

3:00 - 4:00 mark in video he does a short water test, i’d have recommended he ONLY run water from ground level down, do that first and do it longer or until water begins to come in.

he goes back inside, you can watch n see what he says/finds

6:25 he eventually says, 'There are alot of different solutions to this… really?

Because he soaked the siding, windows above grade and likely some of that water got under the concrete so, the way he did it i would not be 100% certain where the water actually FIRST got in.

Did some of it get under to ‘rock’ and then go through/get inside or, did the water first-enter above the ‘rock’ through the window/siding?

And it possible it got in below the concrete and above. lol

And so, this is the critical and most important part, making SURE where the stupid water actually first got in. THEN… one will get the correct answer/solution in how to fix it… but imo there are NOT ‘Alot of different solutions’

More than 1/2 of the water tests i’ve done, i ran the water below grade for at least 20-25 minutes

Then i’ll soak any possible avenues for water to get in above ground

Some homeowners have an exterior horizontal crack in block or brick basement wall way down low so it almost always takes more than a 5 minute water test to deduce this possibilty, that is, water is getting in through an exterior horinzontal crack , hence anyone doing a 5 minute water test below grade will often get a FAKE, bogus result

Sure, if the backfill is all or mostly sand then water may come in sooner but we have quite a bit of clay in these parts

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example short video, leaky basement in this area we’re we eventually dug and waterproofed.

did a water test BEFORE any estimate was given,why?

because some lucky homeowners only get water that first enters above grade, above the basement wall so i don’t want 1 damn headache from anyone who might think i bullshtted them, i do all water tests for free for 40 yrs but i may change that because of some ungrateful homeowners who think i have nuttin better ta do than spend an hour or more at there house n do a water test n scratch my sack

so i did a water test before the concrete patio was cut n busted out, yes, water entered onto B floor where the bottom of the basement wall meets the floor, in most areas - yes, they need exterior waterproofing in this area. Not one drop of water has got in since we did this bit_h last year and we’ve had many long, heavy ass rains here since