Don't forget vote for "2" tomorrow

Let people decide what works for them.

I am not a current user but when I get cancer as I am sure I will. I sure hope the BEST option to help is available to me so I do not have to die in pain like so many I love have had to do.

Time to catch up with the rest of the world and our Progressive States.

Please let people have medicine of their choice that has the least side effects and improves the quality of their lives PLEASE.


I second that. No pun intended.


I’ve seen first hand the benefits that chemo patients get from this. And I’m sure there are many other valid uses as well.

Won’t matter one bit if Crist loses and Bondi gets reelected, she has sworn to fight it’s implementation, it is all political and has nothing to do for those in distress.

I know there are and it does not cost millions allegedly to produce and no one can get the rights to it so the big med groups will fight it to the death. Big medicine folks are cold blooded killers who care only about making more customers and more money.

Bondi needs to go as she is in the pocket of everyone who wants to do harm…at the expense of the people in this State.

Has anyone had access to read the entire bill as to how it will or will not be regulated and who can do it and who can sell it?
I tend to agree if it helps those in need but that is NOT how our “LEADERS” write proposed amendments.
It’s a tad more complicated than the “Truth in advertising” adds we see on the idiot box.

I do not care if they regulate it or not it is a damn plant that folks should be able to grow and use however the heck they want.

It does not need regulation or monitoring.

Again I am not a user either.

You might care if your friend was wacked by a stoned *** driver!
But then again, maybe not!

Most stoned drivers I know and I know a bunch are overly cautious. But tell me what you know PLEASE as I am always eager to learn.

Do you or have you have any experience smoking yourself?

I also believe driving impaired is illegal even if you are prescribed the substance. you know zanaz, oxy, lunesta. real potent manufactured for the biggest effect as opposed to something that is JUST GROWN.

What’s the 'ol saying from my long haired college days…
Man made alcohol, God made marijuana - who do you trust?
ha ha

I don’t know if it’s gonna pass.
First it was a shoe in, now they say maybe not.

Hey doc! My nose is runny - can I get me some?

It didn’t. :frowning:
More bad news, Biondi and Scott both got to keep their jobs.:twisted:

I have always been for legalizing all drugs. Unfortunately, our government only wants the ones legal, if they can find a way to make money from it.

It appears we always get the government we deserve, anyway the country is now being managed by the 1% who are on a mission to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, reduce Minimum Wage, all while denying climate change… You won’t need a crystal ball to figure how this one ends. :roll:


:roll: Obama loves the 1%

Wake up.

I’d have to agree…he is no better than his predecessors…

Better do all we can to get Republican as President before it really is to late for this Country.

Idiots give another Democrat then this place is done :frowning: