Double take

I did a double take when I saw this took me just a minute to figure out it was for a child to turn the switch on. Never observed one before.

Wish they had somthing to get them to flush a toliet!!!


How well did it operate? It seems, if it were friction, it could be hard to move or that the weight of it would keep the light off. :smiley:

Might also be for HCA… someone in a wheelchair…

Had to be for a child no wheel chair could have navigated the stairs as it was upstairs bedroom. The slider had just the amount of friction to keep the board in the place that it was left in. Different strokes for different folks.

Ah just another wood working weekend warrior.:slight_smile:

No kidding!:mrgreen:

I gotta ask…is there a coverplate on the switch to prevent fire?

We have seen a few … Cookie


I was with the understanding that properly wired outlet,switches and fixtures falls under the heading of fire prevention and that cover plates were for personal injury prevention. I have seen many wood type cover plates used in past years just not a long one for children.

Are we playing on the same ball field

Device covers should be non-flammable. A wood cover should have a metal skin on the box side or some other way of stopping the fire.