Draw Inspection

Anybody can explain to me what is drawing inspection. They were offering $45 pay for it. Is this correct?. By the way I’m in central Florida.

You go out and usually take a few photos of a place being built or some type of upgrade. The bank wants to make sure the work is getting done so they have someone go check it out at certain stages in the process.

Which firm is offering you $45? Just wondering.

As well as pictures, ask about the paperwork involved. We had one company that wanted a 5 page report including an essay on the surrounding areas (commercial), competition, ease of traffic; financial information that should not have been my concern, at all. They didn’t want to pay enough for all the info they wanted.


Linda, you never have any problems with your inspections do you? Living in Utopia and all :D. Where is that in relation to Dallas? I lived in Dallas for about 14 years.