Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

I guess I passed … I didn’t have do do the whole thing because I’m a private pilot.



I guess that all I have to do.

That’s great! Congratulations

Congratulations, Roy1

I may have more form to do, but it is a total fiasco …
I submitted all they told me to do.

@rlewis5 Don’t forget to have your form signed either in IACRA by a CFI, DE, or go to your local FSDO. The process isn’t complete until you have an additional rating added to your FAA ticket. The CFI can’t issue a temporary certificate (gotta wait on the snail mail to send you an updated license) but the DE and FSDO can.

Happy to help with the process if you’d like.

@rlewis5 That’s awesome man congrats. My good buddy is a pilot and did the same thing. Only had a 10 question test.
You have a plane?

I probably will give you a call.

It was about 35 questions.
Nope ! Sold the plane a while back.

Which form is that?

Stay fly :sunglasses:

Well ! After all of that as a pilot I have to take a Flight Review along with the certification I just got.
The Flight Review cost more than taking the entire test. So! I’m going to take the test.
I was looking at all the study guides and the cost of some of the schools .
The study guides from the FAA and others are laborious to me and the schools cost around $200 …
Then I found this guy on Youtube. Most of the people that commented on his video and downloaded his simple study guide passed the test.
What do you guys think? Here is the link.

100% the best video out there! I had zero knowledge of any flying information, I watched this video twice and downloaded a questionnaire app and practiced for a few days and took the test and passed with a 98% all in less than a week! That video is gold!

Where is the app located?

There should be a link in the description of that drone video from what I remember. I think he also named a few at the end of the video.
In Google play store or the apple store there’s quite a few good apps to choose from. Which ever is your liking. The one I used for some reason doesn’t exist anymore.

Call me please. I can’t find your number…
386-four 5 four 1 5 eight 4 …
I’m waiting …
If not PM me your number…OK ?

Too soon Brother Chuck.
I’m taking the test next week…
I been flyin’ since I was about 17…And this appears easy for me.
And I truly think it is.

It’s FAA form 8710-13. Also known as the Remote Pilot Certificate and/or Rating Application.