Drone license question

What license is needed to use drones on a inspection?

FAA 107


Nice! Congratulations Larry. Any information you could give me in regards to where I could take the course? Price? I would appreciate it. Thanks


Thank you Tony!

Part 107 of the FAA regulations

Hud - It is a process beyond a simple test. When you are done, you will understand what I am saying. The FAA treats drone use very similar to operating a plane. It is not a quick test and done. However, if you are going to use the drone while inspecting in conjunction with a fee paid, you would be smart to get it and cover your rear in case anything ever were to arise with an issue, and hopefully it will not for you. Plan on about 40-80 hours of study time and practice tests, and then setting up the appointment at a regional FAA facility or airport. I went to a very small county airport nearby and it was kind of cool as there was one person manning the whole show and I got a little tour along with it when done.


This is the absolute best informational video on the 107 test. I watched this video twice, did a few practice tests and scored a 98% (missed two out of 100).
Seriously, watch this video! I post this video every single time someone enquires about the 107 test. Watch it!


Another gold nugget to pick up!

Thanks, Jacob! :+1:

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Thank you for that information Jordan. I have not started using drones as of yet in conjunction with inspections, but I will incorporate that in to one of my services after I take the necessary courses and pass the certification test.

Fun fact: after I passed the test, a week later I took the NACHI course and skimmed through the whole course and took the test, passed as well. That video actually had way more relative information than the course.


Also… depending where you inspect you may not be able to use drones in some areas. If much of your inspection business is near any larger airports you may find that your drone can’t be used… ask me how I know… :roll_eyes:

Do tell, how does one learn? :joy:

Where I live/inspect I’m near several large airports (both civilian and military) which will hamper using a drone… Unlock codes, FAA Approval…

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I purchased an online training course through Drone Launch Academy https://dronelaunchacademy.com/. I also took the NACHI course (this was in 2018). I was glad I purchased the DLA course because the NACHI course was lacking in some areas (they may have improved it since). DLA is great, they guarantee you pass AND you have access to the course for life. Additionally, you get access to the course for the Part 107 Recertification exam prep (Recert leaves out a few sections from the initial certification). I have been very happy with DLA.

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