Drone certification

I have a question about drones. It may be a silly question, however if I want a drone for my business I need to be faa certified. If I go to amazon I can get a drone and no where does it say I have to be certified to use one. these are quality drones for home inspections not a kids drone.

This may help you Randy: https://www.faa.gov/uas/

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I believe you can buy any drone for personal use. If you want to use it for business purposes, you need the FAA certification.


Yep! You got to get the license.


If you plan to use any drone for commercial, you will need a FAA license. I fly drones for the fire department I work in and I use a drones for my home inspection and I had to get my license.

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Here’s the answer.
If you want to fly your drone for business. You have to pass the test and get the 107 license. That is the answer. Give me a thumbs-up on this guy’s.


You can also use a drone for your inspections IF you have a licensed drone operator WITH YOU at the time of the inspection!!!