Dutch Hip Roof Discounts and Wind Resistance

Everything I read on the web says that a “Dutch Hip” style roof is just as wind resistant as a regular hip roof with the added benefit of better ventilation to the attic area. But, does it qualify for the same insurance discounts as a regular hip roof? If not, why not? – From what I read, It should!

The horizontal measurement of each Dutch gable are non-hip, which count against the total perimeter. Most of the time it is a close call for a Dutch Hip roof. This needs to be properly assessed for roof shape on the 1802.

They, “O.I.R. and Insurance Company” Mostly will not care what you think. Just fill out the form as per form wording or you invite trouble.

For the best tips and such I suggest Dennis Bonners class as he has a ton of FIELD experience and knows what most insurance companies NEED.

Good Luck.

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brad is right , if the gable parts are > 10% of total roof system perimeter, then in counts as other on the 1802. As far as wind resistance you can contact and engineer