Electrical Issues with Paul Abernathy

Anyone attending this course [seminar] on March 1st and lives near Yonge and Eglington and needs a ride please call me at 416-722-6132

Who is this guy Paul? Is he qualified to teach this course? Any opinions on him.:stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Who is this guy Paul? Is he qualified to teach this course? Any opinions on him.:stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
Dont think I know him, but I heard he was a pretty bright guy and gives an illuminating lesson.:wink:

Ohhh, I got quite a charge from your electrifying answer.:wink: :wink:

Just noticed you said “was”–does that mean his light has gone out??:wink:

I think his wife hit the dimmer switch, gave him a jolt.

YOU have GOT to be kidding me…GESH

Hmmmm…over 4,600 posts and has a website with all my credits on it and you ask am I qualified…nope to be honest I aint worth SH*t…lol…I would not waste your money…:slight_smile:

Who are you?..and why do you think we would kid you???:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

lolololol…I said dont waste your money on me…GESH…lol…what else do ya want me to say…:slight_smile:

Aw, golly geee whiz, Paul…we’re just spoofin’ with because we love y…no, wait–

We’re spoofin’ with ya’ because you’re an easy target.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :wink: :roll:

Aw, golly geee whiz, Paul…we’re just spoofin’ with because we love y…no, wait–

We’re spoofin’ with ya’ because you’re an easy target.

Well, how do you consider a guy who claims to be a VA contractor with “guys” who doesn’t seem to be on file with the VA workmen’s compensation commission?

lol…no really…Hell I sat through one of his seminars and the guys is FAT and LOUD…I hear he also is going bald but you did not hear that from me.

Because it is through K-9 Groom-N,Inc. Mr SHUNK…I own a corporation

Here you go Mr. Shunk - http://dpor.virginia.gov/regulantlookup/

How about look me up yourself in Virginia’s Database…try my name for starters…guys…I left my brother some time ago and branched off…BUT you knew that since you seem to be obsessed with me… I have (3) that work for me…(2) helpers and (1) other electrician…

Before you SHOOT off your mouth you MAY want to know all the companies I own…why not check out my main corporation first

Here I will help you…mr Service man…try K-9 Groom-N,Inc. in your look up…boy you have alot of nerve and really showed what I figured all along…typical…why not check out that company and see…

Would you like a COPY of it…more than HAPPY to fax you a copy…

You issue is not with me. Your issue is with VA’s comp site.

I have proof of my workers comp…it is with Erie Insurance…

Calm down, brother. You get excited too easily. It’s not good for the health. What I’m pointing out to you is that anyone looking up ESS, or any darivation thereof, will not come to the conclusion that you are legit. Might be something you’d want to take up with the VA comp IT people. Just doing you a favor. I’m sure you can get a duplicate listing under electrical …

lol…I am not excited…lol…I know the facts. What is this site you say has this info as I had my wife pull our policy and it clearly says we have workers comp and receipts for paying this years policy with Erie…

How do you come up that ESS is not legit…they can go to the Department of Professionals and Occupations and type in my zip code 22802 and check either electrical contractor or licensed and see I come up…K-9 Groom-N,Inc is the parent company of ESS and RadioPet and all my companies run under this corporate unmbrella…we are a corporation not a sole properietor

DPOR website lookup : http://dpor.virginia.gov/regulantlookup/

lol…fact is I dont care if they attend my seminars or not in Canada…lol…I have been licensed " STATE " licensed since 1988 and in 1995 the DPOR took over the monitoring and testing of electricians…I have been a licensed Journeyman and Master for 19 years…I am ICC and IAEI Certified and my license numbers are all FREELY lookup worthy on www.electrical-ess.com

But nope…sorry I did not plagerize any books to be known…sorry

I took 5 tests total to get my licenses…:)…all proctored by the state.

and BTW…ask anyone in my seminars about me and my brother and WHY I branched off in 2005 after many years with Double A Electric…a company me and my brother started before we had a falling out…but thats a whole another story



FYI…I am letting (1) of my guys go on Tuesday ( tomorrow ) if you would like to know…I came back from my seminar trip and he had not done anything…so he is gone and now that I have signed a deal with another company that will take my time…I am looking forward to scaling back which I TOLD you about a meeting I had…and it was successful…:slight_smile:

After 19 years of working for myself either with my brother or myself directly I am going to hopefully in the next year be OUT of the contracting business for good…but if you would like a COPY of my workers comp just let me know…more than happy to FAX you a copy…:slight_smile: