Another day…another embarrassment. Can we please get a moderator on this forum (the canadian section at least) . I’m pretty embarrased to be canadian here, even more if I was a member of nachi.

As I work , you guys argue. It has to be obvious that you guys are near the poverty line because there is no way that you can hold a job and argue here all day.

Join nachi? No thanks… i’d be losing business if I refered any of my clients here.

Thats funny from a non member:grin::grin::grin:

Why would you refer clients here? I wouldn’t send any clients here, just as I would not send them to Ashi discussion board or OAHI discussion board.

Maybe his clients do like humor…

Your right…why would I send clients here… Its an embarrasment to your trade.

Its for home inspectors anyway not home buyers.

It’s an open forum Ray…you know that.

ahah now we know GOTCHA

This is an open forum? Oh oh. Maybe you better join Oahi-Caphi. :slight_smile:

He is already there aren’t you JASON?

Ah, bugmenot. For a minute there I thought you were almost intelligent, thanks for showing me the error of my ways.

Closed board = closed mind.

The TRUTH will set you free so will NACHI…but is it not a version of the org you really belong to??? OAHI = ASHI

Are you not here searching for the truth??

What is your question?

Do you not seek harmony amongst your many selves?

Confusion is not an easy path to follow? Is it not?

I am very confused, Nick, Roy, Dave, Gil, Ray whoever you are masked man !

Jason try and keep up I know its difficult but try. Take some Ridilin.

Oh that’s a brilliant statement Ray.:roll:

Maybe a few thousand people disagree with you? :shock:

Now you’re being rude to just everyone?:shock:

Why? Because you’d have to stop playing your game?:roll:


Thanks for yet another intelligent post!

Does Jesus know what you’re doing?