Embedding Report Viewer in Website

Hello Everyone!

I’m experimenting with embedding the report viewer directly on our website with an iframe at NonprofitHomeInspections.org (click on the view report button on the bottom right side of each page).

Has anyone else used the iframe method for embedding the viewer? Any drawbacks and such to be concerned about?

Thanks for your help!


Mine http://www.sandiegothermalinspection.com/report-inspection-1/


Thanks for your post. Your set up looks a little different than mine. My set up has the report embedded in my site in an iframe as opposed to just a sign in form that opens up a HomeGauge window.

I’m wondering if anyone else has used the iframe method and if they know of any downsides to this implementation process. The only thing I’ve found so far is that it’s a little clunky when access via a mobile device (i.e. no scrolling bars).


When I click your “view report” button oon my mobile device it takes me to the HG sign in page.

Yes, but it’s still embedded on my website (note my logo and such on the top). You should also still see my website address on the top. This is important for SEO as the time the viewer spends looking at the report will help my pages’ ranking with Google. My website won’t get credit for the content since it is inside an iframe, but I’ll get two clicks (one from the first page of my website and then a second one when they are looking at the report).

Having just a login section may actually hurt your SEO if they login from the front page of a website (or the first page they hit) since it will look like it is a bounce on Google’s end (i.e. the website wasn’t interesting, so the viewer left). Having someone stick around for 10 - 20 minutes while going through your report is way better in Google’s eyes as it means there is something very interesting on your website. That equals higher rankings.


I can’t really see what you mean because I can’t see a report. All I see is the log-in with the HG logo. So you’re saying that if I have a username and pswd, that the report will be hosted on your page, and not the HG website? If so, how do you do that? Do you have a sample report that you can send me log-in information for so that I can get the full experience?

Here is my cleint login from my site

Since it all goes to HomeGauge’s system, you can use any of your current reports to view it – just enter in a username and password for one of your current reports.

It looks like the report is hosted on my website, but it is all contained within an iframe on my site. This is how the scheduling from HomeGauge is set up too (see https://nonprofithomeinspections.org/schedule-home-inspection). It looks like its on my page, but all the heavy lifting is being done by HG’s website. HG gives the code for embedding the scheduler in a website like I did in the link above, but I haven’t seen anyone use the iframe for reviewing reports yet.


That’s still just a log in page. Once someone fills in their info, they are sent to HG’s site completely. That will look like a bounce to Google if you only give them that page to login and review their report.

Check out https://nonprofithomeinspections.org/reports to see how it looks within an iframe.

Look at the address at the top of the page and my logos and such. Make sure you’re logged out of HG before going there or you’ll just see your own HG info.


I see what you’re saying. It’s html code? Can you share the code?

how did you do that and how do i add that to my site? would this help with SEO?

I just messed around with the code I found on HomeGauge’s website concerning embedding the scheduler on my site. I just tried looking on HG’s site for that link, but can’t find it now. I’ll post the link if I can find it again.

Got it. Thanks Charles

All true. Some users will place the Get my report on a secondary page on their site and then change the link the buyer clicks on to send them to the home page. In the email notification you can edit and add to go to the get my report page or whatever you name it.

For others benefit keep in mind that seo is important but so is branding. Having the agent come to your site to pick up the report and as they see that you/we store their reports for them helps to create loyalty.

Did you ever figure this out? I use Homegauge as well. I agree with you about the view report button sending them to Homegauge and increasing the bounce rate. I have not started on this yet but my first plan of attack is to try to embed a PDF version of a report on a page. I should be able to use clickable links, photos, and videos using this method…in theory. Let me know your results or opinions. Thanks.

It’s possible to contain the report in an I-Frame, but it also can make it harder to view the report. I ended up just sending it to the login page for HomeGauge in order to make it as easy as possible for our clients and agents.