Google Analytics

Hi Everyone,

I’m a long time web guy and was wondering about HomeGauge and the html reports it produces. Has anyone used Google Analytics to track links clicked, pages viewed etc. in the report?

I’d also be interested in open counts etc. This is very similar to what you get with email marketing etc. I’d like to know if the report has been forwarded, how many times etc. Clicks to my website from the report, video play counts, picture expanding counts etc.

This information can be used to improve your report format, marketing results from the report etc.

-Richard Bothne (newbie)

Richard, perhaps you can answer this question. Can you track a client report in html if it is password protected and doesn’t provide analytic tracking code? Personally after the report is viewed, I consider it done.

Everything hosted by HG is controlled by them, any analytics your looking for would have to come from them regarding hosted reports.

Are you looking to track a sample report analytics perhaps? If so, I’m sure, although haven’t tried it, to track the clicks to you sample report from your website.

My guess is that you are looking to selling these analytics to inspectors.

Hi Steve,

No, not interested in selling anything. I’m on the path to becoming an inspector. My past life was computer programmer / web guy (25 yrs).

You can’t track without analytic code in the html, but password protected etc. doesn’t matter. It’s not totally true that the analytic code has to come from HG. The user (me,you) have access to several pages that are used to compose the report. The code could be put there. Even Javascript to add analytics code to parts that HG generates during ‘printing’.

Tracking things is data that with tools can be used as information. For example, if you put links to your SOP or other documents. I presume they are there for the client to read. You might even be relying on some of the links in the report to reduce liability. Knowing that only 1% actually view those links might move you to use a different method of providing that information if it’s important to your business. (just an example).

I am/was interested in if anyone in the HG community has done this sort of thing or are interested at all.

Best Regards,