Empty space selection

Not sure how exactly to describe the issue, but when I click in the empty space below the last comment or narrative, it always selects that last comment/narrative. This has been a bit frustrating only because sometimes I try to click there simply to select that “window” to start selecting options, and then end up selection the last option, rather than just the window. Is there some way to keep this from happening? Any insights appreciated.

I’m thinking HIP, considering the topic he posted in. :grinning:

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Right, I will back out slowly :+1:

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There’s no need to do that.

In the selection panels and damage panels if you click any open area within the panel, the software will select what ever is closest to the cursor.

When looking for comments in a selection panel, just click on the comment to add it to the report.

In damage panels, same thing, just click the narrative and choose red or black. If you want to “scroll” through the comments in the damage panels, use the (what I call the scroll bar) at the bottom.

Can’t say I have ever had the issue you are talking about, but you may be using a different version than I am.

Maybe Dom will see this tag @dmaricic and offer some help.

Yes, its on the HIP desktop version

This may just be something Im not used to because it seems to deviate from most every web browser/computer application/etc… Its feels un-intuitive, at least to me, and it leads to lots of accidental clicks. Not a huge deal, but it slows me down and I have to be extra vigilant with what I may have accidentally selected, and I didn’t know if there was some way to change it, at least for my personal setup.

If I understand what you’re saying correctly, Michael is correct. Also, we have awesome 24/7 support at www.HomeInspectorPro.com and click Live Chat or call 888-750-4777. We don’t monitor InterNACHI all day long and I only saw this as someone tagged me.


Thanks Dom. I did also post this same question on the HIP forum, but it seems to have gone unnoticed. I was just curious if anyone had had a similar experience or had anything to share. I just seem to run into little things that seem kind of weird/unique to how HIP is laid out compared to other applications, and it doesn’t seem like they all warrant a full on support convo. I’m not hating on HIP, just trying to get a little more fluent and efficient.

Gotcha. That forum has really been replaced by our Facebook groups. We only see a few posts a months on the forum now so we just don’t check it as often anymore. With almost 5k people on the Facebook group though it gets attention all day long.

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Oh :sweat_smile: that explains a lot.