Episode 75 - Performing a Kitchen Inspection

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NACHI.TV just released a new episode:

Episode 75 - Performing a Kitchen Inspection
Mike Crow shows his tips in the kitchen in this detailed, yet time efficient kitchen inspection that is sure to impress your clients.

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Good stuff.

I have one question. Why would you be so concerned about scratching the counter top with your plastic tool box, but not so concerned about the cast iron skillets that were removed from the oven and then placed on the counter?

I use a towel to set my tools on the counter.

Ok, 2 questions…Did the range have an anti-tipping device installed?

There was a lot missed in this video and stating 7 minutes in a kitchen is as goal is crazy talk.

I did not see a client to educate or any paperwork being signed , nor a camera to take pictures.

I like to have fainted when he set those skillets on the counter top after saying NOT to set your tool bag there. 7 minutes…I sure wouldn’t go public telling folks I only spent 7 minutes in their kitchens. Just me though…what do I know I’m a rookie?

I would use my Nachi microwave testers. I can see me with a scalding glass of hot water and burning a client. I really like my Nachi micro tester. Smell likes popcorn no mess and is a great hand warmer.

I agree about the skillets!!
I agree about the anti-tip!!

I would not run the water unattended unless I was paying attention. Get distracted and water issues can result. I run it enough to determine flow and for leaks.

The GFCI may have been OK. Depends on year built or kitchen remodel. It may have been fine to have GFCI protection wtihin 6 ft of water.

I run the dishwasher through a rinse only to check for leaks.

I agree with all previous comments,


Didn’t check if DW was mounted to counter top or cabinets (many times they’re not).

Didn’t open any cabinet doors or draws (except under sink) or check if cabinets were loose.

Didn’t flip any switches except garbage disposal.

Didn’t mention the oversize cutout at rec. for microwave. Or see if it was loose, which appeared to be.

Didn’t examine the flooring.

Smelling the house with micro wave popcorn might not be such a good tip, jmo.

As nice as the popcorn may smelll it tends to mask other odors that might lead you to discover something important.

I liked the vid but leave the antics to the showing agent.

If you want to make popcorn do it after the rest of the home inspection is complete.

Just use a tester for the micro wave , i use this http://www.toolexperts.com/microwave-detectors/
I check and write the anti tip almost 80% have none
Check under the counter for signs of water damage if the base will come up . if a smell i get the video bore a scope out. and so on 7 minutes doesnt sound right

In less than 5 minutes of me watching the portion of the vid someone comes in and burns some popcorn in the office microwave. Talk about stink…that in itself turned me off of that idea. I mean it’s a great idea if you care to stand next to the microwave and make sure you don’t burn the popcorn but I have too much to do in a kitchen to stand around waiting.

After I run the water, I wet a paper towel and use it to test the microwave for around 30 seconds. Paper towel comes out steamy. Microwave tested. Popcorn? I dont think so.

Sorry Mike,

I didn’t learn anything… 7 Minutes is not what I call impressing your client. What about the kitchen floor… Heavy skillets drop on the floor after the counter top has been scratched…:wink: What about the kitchen cabinets. Do the doors work? The drawers? How about the “incorrect” fasteners holding the cabinets… Is the dishwasher attached to the granite counter top? Is the back splash caulked? How about the center stop on the faucet? The range anti-tip bracket was not tested nor would I turn on the range to broil at at that point since some have locks to prevent you from opening the range. yep Cancel the thing… The Anti-tip bracket is marked on the door jamb or door and gets tested before anything else… The filters and the microwave, are they present or dirty?

By the way you could have been shocked when your hand was in the water and you played with the electric switch if “hanyman” wired the non-GFCI recpetacles in the kitchen… How about the can lights, are they the correct bulb? Did you look if the fridge is working? I do… Solid tubing or professional work on the dishwasher?

You have also ruined your Stinger Stream light flash light by placing the lens down on the counter… The instructions say never to do that… . Plus I never bring by tool box into each room… I trap the clients in the kitchen and explain things like keeping the refrigerator coils clean to save energy…$$$ As for the popcorn thing… With my luck the bag would explode in the microwave when I leave the kitchen 7 minutes later… Nope not for me…

Hey that’s just me…:wink: 20 minutes later

If I may add, a heating source should be present, lighting adequate, work area efficient (the work triangle), how about taking a picture of the serial number of the appliance’s if included in the transaction in the event they get replaced by lower quality appliances…

In addition to the items already mentioned the following items were missed:

The surface light on the microwave was not checked to ensure it goes on and off. (when these require a new circuit board the cost of repair is not feasible, cost of new microwave like that one is about $300) Found one recently that was stuck on all the time and correctly told my client that it was usually not feasable to repair these.

The video states that the kitchen inspection was finished… nope, have to come back and look for leaks again under the kitchen sink and around the dishwasher after it drains.

The fridge or fridge outlet was not checked to see if it improperly went off when the GFCI tripped.

The microwave outlet was not checked for “reverse polarity”.

The oven light was only checked by opening the door, the panel switch should also be checked for proper operation.

That type disposal is ok to operate with no water, water is only needed while grinding something. It should sound smooth when operated with no clicking and rough sounds.

As already mentioned, the anti tip was not checked or verified, that is a huge miss.
When you take the lower drawer out to check these you can also find oven outlets hanging loose by the wires etc.

I think I’ll stick to my 15 minute plus kitchen inspection.

added with edit: I know it would be hard to make that video and do all that talking but if you are going to produce a video for actual home inspection processes it should be much better than that.

Many quality comments…

Inspectors need to take the time that is needed to do a quality job. Inspecting is not a race.

One can Learn more about kitchen inspection right here.

Im shocked to see that video. This missed so many items. This should be posted on a video as how NOT to Rush an kitchen inspection.

Whats up with the big tool box ??


Just read this thread, and then watched the video. I guess he could cut his time down if the popcorn didn’t take so long. :wink:

I wonder if he has turned off the oven yet? :wink:

The moral of this thread is: You better have thick skin if you post a video of actual inspection processes.

I’m sure Mike was on top of it back when he did inspections, I think he is just into the inspector marketing business now so you guy’s should go easy on him. :slight_smile: Maybe he came back later and did some more, I do that sometimes, always double checking some things.

That’s how he became a Millionaire Inspector. He can do 14 home inspections a day at this rate.