ERMI Test Pricing

Is anyone doing ermi testing? I was wondering how much everyone is charging. I am going to call the lab in the morning to get pricing I think its $299 for the test. the internet prices I have been seeing range $595

If your looking for a good lab that helps with interpertation, plus a great price ($195), check out

What is ERMI testing?


Why do ERMI testing. That test makes no sense to me whatsoever. I am a IAQA certified indoor environmentalist. It gives you a number to tell you how you rank according to the rest of the US. Well I live in a tropical area near the gulf of Mexico. Gee I wonder if my mold count is goiung to be higher than the guy in Arizona. Thermal infrared, good visual and some air quality. You are going to falsely put out information and the buyers will not be justly served in my opinion.


I agree. Correct me if I’m wrong, but ERMI simply gives you TLV’s right? I have trouble understanding why this is such an expensive test to perform when by air sampling you can compare the indoor air to the outdoor air and have a direct and localized comparison.