New Panel for me

Anyone have any experience with this brand of panel? It was labeled “Heinemann”. Its older, Im purely guessing in the 1970’s. Slide style breakers, and it had a 2-piece dead front.

Another Wadsworth

Unfamiliar with Wadsworth. Quality panel?


1950’s home?

Totally unsure. Completely remolded. Purchased by the current owners in the mid '70s. Listing says 1977 build. Im guessing thats not accurate.

It’s possible but it could have been using new old stock when installed.

No particular problems with the panel other than age and availability of replacement parts.

No AFCIs or CFCIs available as far as I know.

Here’s a link that may help you or your clients Michael…


Wadsworth Panel…
…No particular concerns, recalls, defects that I am aware of…

Agreed. Had one recently that it took several day for the electrician to get a part. The panel had a damaged one. They just replaced the panel due to age and cost