Ever see this before?

Helping my sister house hunting today and came across this house built in 1941 and had a small kitchen. They had an amazing space saving dish washer / sink combo. Couldn’t see where the plumbing was but it worked. I actually stared at it for a minute and couldn’t figure out what was different. I have never seen this before - made me laugh. I hope she buys this house so I can rip that kitchen out and see how they plumbed it.

Wow, that’s a magazine washer…

Seen it once or twice. Its plumbed back and the trap is behind the dishwasher.

Cleaning all that dirty $$. Dam red dye

Thats what i figured but hate to have my wife drop her ring down the drain. Have to take the entire dw out to get to the trap. Pretty cool design , made my day. As lame as that may be. :frowning: