exterior waterproofing which was 'kind of' done, ok, sorta, not really

All due respect Chuck/Apple but man oh man, several notes for you…

  1. piling up/placing that soil your digging out on the ‘BANK’ near an open trench is putting you, your guys at risk baby! Don’t you own any wheelbarrows?
    Hope sincerely nothing happens to you, your guys but again, get some wheelbarrows for God sake and wheel 99% of that soil out to the street and have it hauled away, backfill with gravel, most–all gravel!

Ok, back up, see the INTERIOR of those bricks, the efflorescence and some bricks and joints along the bottom deteriorating???
Same things happen to block, brick basement walls, geeeeeezz.
And NO interior basement system does ANYTHING for it, period.

3:00 digging down, see the block? That’s PART of the problem… where water etc first enters.

Chuck, all due again but I don’t see that soil as being super difficult as we’ve hand dug some of the badest azz 6-7’ ++ trenches, whatever, just saying.

3:55 ‘throw the dirt way back…’ loool, again, had you owned and used some wheelbarrows, they’d make your digs a bit easier and…SAFER!

No sump pump was necessary, period. If you would have just sealed–fully all those openings etc and backfilled with gravel it will not leak, but whatever.

10:50 they’re tossing some ‘bags of gravel, rock’ in trench… that’s it?

12:10 — 12:50 see all the exterior openings??? Yep, they are the problem.

13:30 filled all the openings? No, sorry, hardly. Jesus man, you really need to FULLY pack those but, sure it’s your job, so be it.

14:40 backfilling w/most of the same shtty soil, you can do a lot better than that for…the homeowners sake!

Chuck from Apple drains, just some simple questions for you sir.
video again, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUUkP8x4fnQ

And again, all due to respect but come on man, you could have done a much better job for this homeowners and, if this is the typical job you do then… hmmmmmmmmmm, makes one wonder a bit. Seems EVERYBODY calls themselves an expert on this subject, including some HI’s, city inspectors etc, nonsense baby.

For that job, linear footage and depth, I would have charged approx. $1,800… what did you charge sir? Simple question. And we would have hauled all that soil away (cost me more money) and, would have backfilled with 90% gravel (cost a bit more, all included in that $1,800)

The sump pump in my honest experienced opinion was not at all necessary, no sir. I have never installed a single sump pump as they did, have zero complaints, 37 years… hmmmm

All that was needed was a good–thorough waterproofing job (materials used on wall) and, much more gravel used as backfill… you bagged it what, maybe 1’, then backfilled with same soil that you called hard etc.

Chuck ‘gets–sees’ the efflorescence on the inside…and does the right thing in recommending exterior waterproofing, great, wonderful… but again, one needs to imo FULLY seal/pack ALL of those exterior voids/cracks/openings with hydraulic cement, you used a smidgeon/left quite a few OPEN, come on.
Those voids/openinsg at 12:10 – 13:00 , then you say you ‘filled’ them 13:25 – 13:40 ??? That’s a SKIMPY application bro!!!

Was any visqueen or other membrane applied to your rubber? loll, doesn’t appear so, just wondering on that as we

Cave in’s sometimes occur Mr Chuck so, wondering why one would place/add soil (added weight) right next to an open trench…? Cave ins occur WITHOUT placing the soil next-to trench, just saying you increased that chance by adding more weight there, sheesh.

And some knotheads actually wonder why I post, why I biiiatch… loooool, duh, because homeowners are getting GYPPED or in many other cases, ripped off, lied to by many interior basement system companies!

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