Facebook is Killing me

When I try to create a Facebook account it lets me, after a day or 2 I get “Your account has been disable” I’ve tried 3 different emails. I uploaded my state issue ID and filled in all correct information and went through the proper channels to resolve the issue. Like every one, I need this for a business account.
Any ideas ?

My personal opinion, use Instagram and not facebook. I was reading a stat the other day that more people, on average, log into Instagram everyday and spend more time logged in than facebook. Take a picture, small 2 sentence explanation, hashtag the shit out your local agents, end with your biz name and number.
People have such a short attention span (as of 2018 psychology studies show that our attention span is shorter than cockroaches) they see your post, read 2 small sentences, your name and number, boom.
Nick Gromicko’s son or nephew owns a social media company that helps inspectors produce a real nice Instagram (and facebook) account and has a nice article on why you should use Instagram.


Instagram is for the snowflakes that didn’t find Facebook to be the “Safe Place” they hoped it to be!!

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Care to elaborate?

Jacob, once upon a time, I was an advertising copywriter and I recall the ‘rule’ was to never use more than seven words on a billboard because that’s all the human brain can manage to comprehend in a single glance while driving.

I don’t know if it’s officially done, but I would personally apply the rule to online and social advertising too. More likely to get to someone who’s simply scrolling/swiping by.

As you say, attention spans are short.


Thanks to my Facebook page I got my very first home inspection on Monday 9/16/19, USDA at that!

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Do you understand the requirements for a USDA Inspection?

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I tried googling this “requirement” and couldn’t find anything, even from the usda website.

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I need this for a business account.

You can not create a business account without creating a personal account first.

If you try to create a business account as your primary account, they can and will disable it.

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Instagram is owned by facebook.

It’s the same company.

That’s what I’m saying. Can’t create one. Any Ideas ?

OK every one :yawning_face: back on topic, Does anyone know how to solve my problem.:grimacing:

Yes, I was provided a form from the USDA and completed the inspection to their satisfaction.

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Ask your area USDA rural development office for a copy of their home inspection requirements,

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You have to start like Ian says about the personal account first then to verify the business account you have to issue them a document showing the business is legit. For some reason the DBA or state license wont work.

Is there a difference between a FB “Business Account” and a “Business Page”?