False Winds

I’m in possession of a substantial amount of Wind Mits from a Condo complex written in 2008. These reports are so messed up, false and even deceptive. I’m writing the new ones and now they are going from a great looking report to absolutely the lowest rating allowed. These were written by a GC here in Fort.
Is something like this just to pass and move on or is something on this scale ever mentioned to anyone ? I just never seen anything like this before…

Get em. Turn them into someone.Maybe John S can help :slight_smile:

If it was an honest error, let it go. But if it was plain out fraudulent, turn them in. We as professionals need to police our own to protect the public as well as the HI industry image.

They are five years old. I doubt anything can be done, legally or otherwise.

I won’t be the WM report police but Clint you came close to what I am thinking. I’m guessing this guy probably hung himself with inspections anyway. Just pisses me off when I see a what appears to be a “big time” and successful company doing absolute sh*t work.

Homeowners are getting upset when they don’t get the discount anymore. What was a clip is now a toenail because for some reason the first inspection is not accurate. I saw a report where a GC indicated a strap when you could not even access it. 2/12 roof pitch not anyone is getting down there to see it and sealed soffit with plywood. My camera pole got the goods and sorry it’s piece of metal with two nails so that means toenail, maybe a clip back in the day but strap? really? not complaining really just saying.

Now multiply that report by 486…dorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Greg, I have complete confidence in you being the man for the job. Make it right and make us proud! Keep me posted , going to send you a picture of a house I did a WM on on my way to a wedding yesterday. It paid for the gas :mrgreen:

That wedding must have been far away, because I know what you charge:D.
BTW, I went up to $125 at the first of the year. Keep up the good work brother!

I heard he handed out business cards at the wedding with 10% discount ???

I handed out cards alright…you two go to Jacksonville right?:cool:

Hows that working out?

I like when I follow a real professional.

Workin that Zircon !, hahahaaa