FBC Reroof/Renail example

Here is an example of a 2006 HVHZ Reroof, which was renailed “to code” and passed final inspection. FYI

Don’t you just love how the municipal building inspector does their job.

It looked good when he drove up and thats all that really counts. Crawling inside of attics is for loosers… Long live the drive-by! :stuck_out_tongue:

Because of the sensitivity of exposing an existing home to the elements the building officials accept an affidavit from the roofing contractor that the roof was nailed off to code. So an actual inspection is not done. Some jurisdictions also accept an affidavit for the dry-in as well and in reality a final inspection is all that is done by the AHJ.
Most of the time what I’m seeing is the roofing contractors are using 10d ring shank nails and are not trying to calculate which zones require 4" on edge nailing and simply attempt to nail the complete roof off at 4" on edge and 6" in field
Per form 1802 the max. credit is 6" and 6" so in theory if the roofing contractor can hit the truss with 33% of his nails then the roof wood be in compliance with form 1802. Which means that 66% can Miss and still comply. So unless I see something like the picture in the earlier post in which all nails missed I don’t get to much indigestion

You will find a bunch of them like that here: Roof

I asked one of the guys at Citizens the question regarding all of the nails missing the trusses. He said, “You aren’t doing a code inspection”. Apparently, no one is!:mrgreen:

I wonder what is going to happen when a hurricane hits and tears a bunch of roofs off that weren’t nailed properly?

like i said, at least five a week like that…2 today in pbc

Very simple answer Eric, it is way easier to sell a house to the Ins Co than it is to sell on the open market and right now alot more profitable. I bought what I thought would be my retirement home on the water in Port Charlotte. After Hurricane Charlie I now have a water front lot but did very well $$$ by the Ins Co payout. It all depends on perspective my friend.