Feast or famine in business (start up)

Good morning all!

I’ve been in business just over a year now, slow start but its picking up. I’ve been averaging about 2 inspections a week for the last few months, however, 2 weeks ago I did 10 inspections a week for 2 weeks. I was elated!! I thought that I finally got some traction and was ready for the workload. Then, it all stopped. No jobs on the books, my phone is growing spider webs and I feel like I’m back at the beginning.

Is this normal for a first year? am I missing something? I’m not taking it lightly as I’m still visiting realtors and advertising and making calls to my normal realtors. Any advice is more than welcome. maybe some wisdom from you more senior HI’s?

Thank you all in advance!

Why? Are you doing inspections for REAs? I did inspections for my home-buying clients.

Also … plan on a minimum of 3-4 years to gain ‘some’ stability for the long-term. You will always have ups/downs and the job-count curve will almost be the same from year to year. I have 17-years of data that showed the same ebb/flow year-to-year.

BTW - I don’t care for REAs one bit and yes I did hand out biz cards to them my first year out, but never did that again.

I’m not inspecting for REA’s but I reach out to them and visit offices to inspect for their clients. I figure if I can get a few REA’s in my pocket then I’ll always have some work coming in.

After your first year, how did you get fresh clients all the time? I feel like I offer a better product at a better price than my competitors but I’m still new compared to them. I’ve got 5 yelp reviews and they are 30-40 with many many years in the business.

Thank you again for your advice, I’ll take as much as you’re willing to give.

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Yeah… I get that from your website… and your ‘perspective’…

I dont know why you are constantly an a.hole to newbies getting started. I hope you dont treat your clients that way.


Thanks for chiming in JJ! I’ve noticed on these forums that there are quiet a few older and wiser HI’s here that don’t mind helping out the newbies. I’ve also noticed there’s quite a few guys that are just… old…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Do you do an analysis of where your inspections come from?

That’s a massive increase in inspections and there must be some rationale behind why you got them and now you don’t have them.

I’m not a big fan of putting pricing for everyone to see … just my opinion.

I am also upfront with all of my clients and let them know that I am definitely not the cheapest.
I let them know if they want the cheapest I have his phone number and would be happy to give it to them.

We have continued to market ourselves to real estate agents as well as offering continuing education classes and giving speaking engagements at our local realtor association.

We also offer mold, radon, water testing in order to increase our average job price.

Quite a bit of business comes from the Internet and Google reviews have been a big part of our business.

Hang in there I have been where you are. We now have five full-time inspectors and continue to grow it just takes lots of time and patience.


I’ve helped you more than you know. You’re just too young… to see and know it.

Hi Cory!

Most of mine came from people finding me online, looks to be about 25/75% REA to individuals. I can’t seem to find any logic to why there was such an influx. I would love for it to happen again.

I’ll pull my pricing down, its never sat well with me especially since my competitors don’t advertise theirs either.

I’m in the process of expanding my inspection services, I’m getting a sewer scope on order and just got in touch with a mold lab for sample testing.

Can I ask Cory, how long did it take to go from start-up to adding your first inspector?

Thank you again for your insight! I really appreciate the help and advice!

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I get it. You’re pissed I come down there and take all your ‘big-ticket’ jobs away. :laughing:

Feel free to give me a call if you like.

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You are a gentleman and a scholar Mr. Pool. I’ll be calling you tomorrow to pick your brain. Thank you so very much.


Sometimes that happens when other inspectors aren’t around. My competition will be getting a boost next week when I’m going to be in Boulder for the week.

Never heard of you. If you drive that far for an inspection, you aren’t going enough where u are primarily located. It would be like me driving past Davenport and bragging. You are brilliant.

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This is my first year as well. As far as I am concerned here in Alberta, I have had about 20 inspections in the past year. If I had two inspections per week I would be elated.

Please don’t comment on this forum if you have nothing to offer. We all know you were born an HI. Poor attitude.


This is your first post on the forum and that’s all you have to offer? Maybe you should take your own advice.


When I first joined, I also thought JJ was a little harsh. What he says may seem “harsh”, but if you really pay attention, what JJ says is actually very insightful and thought provoking.
He’s pushing you like your Mama wouldn’t.
Thanks JJ.


Please learn to be professional. I believe InterNACHI expects professionalism on their site.

Stephen H. Payson

    June 10

Please don’t comment on this forum if you have nothing to offer.

This is your first post on the forum and that’s all you have to offer? Maybe you should take your own advice.