Federal Pacific 200 Amp Fuse Panel

Federal Pacific Panel.

Fused Panel with a 200 Amp Breaker for the Main. Fuses for the circuit wiring.

Installed 1965.

One interesting note about those Federal Pacific fuse panels is that those fuse block units plug onto a buss rail with the same style stab that the later breakers do. This can be a failure point in these fuse panels, just as with the breaker version that followed it. Also, the Type S fuse blocks in these Federal Pacific fuse panels had very weak plastic threads that would permit a 20 amp fuse to be installed in a 15 amp fuseholder, even though they are type S fuse holders. It’s good to double check the amp rating of the fuse block (molded in the middile of the fuse block, between the two fuses) and correspond that with what fuse is actually installed. Just some thoughts.

This comment exactly describes this panel.

Fuse blocks can be added as needed. It appeared to be a Fused Stab-Lok variation.

The configuration is original without any visible modifications since 1965.