Fell off the wagon for a night. Back on.

I’m one of the few alcoholics who can regularly stop at two (one, most of the time). Accidentally had three this past weekend. At four, I’m heading for 24 so I don’t like to go too close to that edge. Two is my limit.

Nick, wise advice for anyone.

Very good to here you are back in the saddle Nick. It is amazing how easy someone can slip and It is a good man that gets back up and rides again.

I have to be so careful. If I accidentally have 4 drinks, I lose control and there’s no stopping me. The only time I really screw up is when someone fills my wine glass without me noticing.

Nobody likes a quitter. Drink up.:mrgreen:

Alcoholism runs in my family so I’ve seen the effects first hand.
Good on ya for keeping a handle on it.

Now I just have to incorporate my Limit 2 thing into fast-food drive throughs. :roll:

For me, one is too many…

2 Big Mac’s aren’t enough? :shock:

Glass of wine or Big Mac? I’ve known you for years Jeff, so I’m betting your answer is “both.” :smiley:

You are correct :smiley:

No Big Mac’s, no alcohol…

IMHO there is no such thing as an Alcoholic who can regularly have a drink or two and eventually not end up in a bad place. I’ve been down that road more times than I care to admit and the outcome was always the same.

Be careful Nick.

Good Man!! I only allow myself to have a half flute of champagne at events such as weddings or New Year’s. I always hated champagne so I have no fear of cravings…but I can sure catch a buzz on a half flute!!

On the Wagon, Off the Wagon, which is it?

Heck, Nick, I honestly don’t know how you could do what you do sober!

You are about the same as me. When you start liking it (drinking, or anything) too much, it’s time to scale back a bit and re-evaluate.

Just keep on keeping on, buddy. You’ll do fine.

I fall off about once every two years.

just wear a helmet You’ll be fine…

I though I died and fell off the planet at age 16 chug-a-lugged two 1/2 pints of moonshine almost died of alcohol poising and to this day can not stand the smell of whiskey

I’m the same as Jeff.


Good health to you and keep it under control there my friend. (Have all those fine office staff members take care off you)

I am a light weight and I quite drinking about a year ago. My Dad is an alcoholic and I was never a big drinker(6 and would be wasted) I had a dope smoking issue about 15 years ago.

So I don’t drink, don’t smoke what do you do, goo-die goo-die 2 shoes, or how ever it goes.

Now I seem to be addicted to Diet Pepsi, and Big Arizone Green Tea.