FetchReport PDF Creator Beta 9 Up

Hey folks,

I think everything we’ve talked about is fixed, and the latest beta is up. We weren’t able to add the “Send to Desktop” feature in this version as it actually requires a large re-working of the system internals (it’ll have to wait for version 2). But everything else should be up and running.

As usual, remove the old version before installing the new one.

Download the latest beta:


I just got 8 working! :slight_smile:

Good work Chris!


I know you’re extremely busy… but :smiley:

Might it be possible to add (in some future version) a ‘pay prior to download’ feature into the program??

I know, I know, all I want is everything… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


We will be building a pay prior to download option and are already working on integration with the NACHI agreement system so that the online agreement must be signed before you can download.


Are the two requirements independent of each other?

i.e. Must they electronically sign the NACHI PIA prior to download? or will that be a ‘user selected option’ like requiring payment prior to download?

sorry for all the questions…:roll:

Yeah, either will be optional. So you can just send out the reports as normal, send 'em requiring payment, send 'em requiring signing, or send 'em requiring signing and payment.


I’d give you another Green Box… but I think you’re maxed out!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Anyone come across any new bugs? If so, can you post 'em here as soon as possible. I’m going to be gone for a bit starting Friday, and I’d love to get all the major bugs fixed before then.


Chris, you’re gonna love this -
It’s even easy for ME!


  I had in instance today (uploading today's second report - 42 Lagoon Villa) where it said 'checking parameters' (or something similar) and hung up for a few seconds, cleared and then went on to say 'uploading'...

Other than that excellent workings…

Can’t wait for the ‘pay me first’ - introduction/checkout cart… :smiley:

Not sure how this is planned, but if it can be integrated as part of the FetchReport Process - before they can view their report - great.
Some way in which we don’t have to ask them in a separate communication / link / request to do so.

Is that what you have in mind, Chris?


Mike, the Parameters thing always pops up on mine, maybe cuz I have a slower connection. Perhaps yours was pokey that day!

Musta been it… with a Comcast DSL line, I usually only see ‘uploading’ for a few seconds and then the ‘finished’ button pops up…

I believe this is what it’ll be…

“to see your report please complete the payment process that follows” or similar…

But only if you add that (or the NACHI PIA) to the upload interface.

Lucky pup!
It’s a great day for me to have more than 1 green bar on Verizon Wless Broadband, at home!

We’ll probably do it in a 2-stage process. The first will just be an option on each report that’s something to the effect of “This inspection has been paid for” checkbox. You can upload the report whenever, and check the box off when the report has been paid for. Eventually we’ll offer e-payments thru paypal, but that will take a bit longer.

Every Bug gone… good job Chris.

All good things are worth waiting for…:slight_smile:


We need a delete function so we can throw out mistakes
or test uploads… Please.

??? :mrgreen: