New FetchReport Software (beta)

Hey everyone,

We’re working on a new release of the FetchReport software, and I’d love to get some feedback on the latest beta. The new software should work with Windows XP through Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. We’ve already gone through a few phases of beta testing, so this version should be pretty close to complete. Let me know if you find any bugs:

32-bit version:

64-bit version:

If you test it, and it works OK for you, can you reply to this thread with the version you tested, and the version of Windows that you tested it on? I’ve been testing it on Windows 7 32-bit and it works great. We’ll be testing it on Windows Vista and Windows XP shortly.

If you’ve never used the PDF creator before, check out this post:
[post=891596]How do I use the FetchReport PDF creator?[/post]


Windows 7, 64. Works OK on my machine.

Thanks, Stewart!

I downloaded the Beta, but how do I use it. When I click on the Start - Fetch… it only opens a folder with Uninstall program in it. When I go to on my Firefox browser it has the old style log in.

Additionally - is there any way to remove old uploads in bulk, rather than 1 by 1 ? I have over 250 reports up there and the loading/login is really slow. I would need to remove at least 150 reports, but it takes forever to wipe just one off. I do not see any controls to do that in multiples.



Open any document that you want to send to FetchReport and just choose “Print” — in the regular print dialog you’ll see a new entry for “FetchReport PDF Creator” (it’ll be listed like another printer). Print to that printer, and it’ll open the FetchReport window.

FetchReport will automatically create the PDF for you, upload it, and email it to your client(s).

Curious, why the change? Win7 compliance?

32bit works on win7 with Mozilla

No Mac version?

Yep, Andy, the old version had issues with Windows 7. It also required you to install another program before you could use it. The new version works on all current versions of Windows, and works with just 1 install.


I’d love to offer a Mac version—InterNACHI staff use almost exclusively Macs (I actually can’t think of a staff member who doesn’t)—but it just doesn’t seem like there’s enough demand to warrant it yet. We’ll keep evaluating the situation, though, as Mac usage continues to rise.

Got it. I use HIP and generate PDF from within the program.
Any solution for multiple deletes?

One issue that I do run into quite often, is that the e-mail from the FetchReport notifying my clients, end up in the clients Junk/Spam folder. I now always remind them to check their other folders, but I wonder if that could be addressed, or somehow avoided.


Try the system now. It should be quick enough that you don’t need to delete anything. As for the spam issue, I’ll look into it. It’s a constant problem with anything that send out a lot of email, but there might be a few things we can tweak.


Hey Chris. I just tried it with Win 7 Pro and everything was fine. I also want to say that you must have tweaked something because for the longest time I was reluctant to use fetchreport due to it’s slow operation (at least for me). Much better this time around. Nice work.


I also noticed it’s faster. Thanks Chris.

Chris, It isn’t working so good for me. I have to watch the upload. It seems to stop midway and I have to try again. Sometime I think all is well and then I get a call from the client the next day to tell me they didn’t receive it yet. I’m using windows 7 64.

Chris, fetch report auto generated password needs some work. Today I sent report to client and system generated this password “6Death32”.

I’m not happy and embarrassed the system generated and sent email to my customer on my behalf with this password.

The system needs to be programmed to filter out any type of offensive password. My prior employer had an auto generated password system a few back and it sent these password to employees “Nig21” and “QUER1”. They drew a lot of attention.

Oh man. Not a great password, eh? I’ll make sure that we remove “Death” from the list! We’ve removed most offensive words, but that one must’ve slipped through. It’s based on a list of the first 1000 words you learn as a kid in the US.