Financial accountability from CAHPI and OAHI

Thanks for the response Nick, greatly appreciated. That’s more than anyone can ask for.

But more so, what is your claim/version of the NCA? You have not answered that part of my question.

I was not digging for the iNACHI financials.

In its current form of online “certification” (people actually believe they get certified here…sic!! Talk to James Bushart about that!!), only in your dreams!!!

Brian, online courses are better than classroom courses and everyone knows it.

Read: and


Because you say it, does not make it so…re-read the study in which you excerpted only the partial conclusion that suits your cause !!

When I read the study you posted a few months back and made comments on it that showed your claims were missing a significant part of the conclusions of the study, my comments were moderated and never posted!! What’s up…you said on these boards that I had unmoderated status …does that only apply only as long as I don’t expose some of the partial truths and dissembling by yourself?

Similarly, a # of my posts about CMI never appeared in their thread, one as recent as 10-15 days ago…can l’il ole’ me cause concern in this the largest HI organization in the world???

BTW, Nick…does INACHI certify newbies to be HI’s or does the certification just certify that a person is a member of the association?

Better run out to your authority friends and squeal and have them bust into Nachi headquarters and demand the paperwork! How many have you found not in compliance, 10, 20, 100, thousands? :stuck_out_tongue:

Non moderated status and still dissing Nachi. Way to go Brian, you’da man!:mrgreen:

Oh…, better get a search warrant too! People have rights you know! :mrgreen:

Nick has made it clear in the past that the ‘certification’ available here merely means the person is an iNACHI member, and he certifies that fact.

His supporters claim that keeps iNACHI pure and clean. However, if you go to most websites of the iNACHI members, (even those who became instant home inspectors recently thanks to Nick’s clever marketing and wordsmithing) and you will see that they will claim to be certified home inspectors. Insinuated in that of course is that the individual has been trained and tested under some type of proctoring method and has lots of verifiable inspecting experience.

It’s a meaningless claim that dupes the public.
Unfortunately, there are many very capable home inspectors within the iNACHI membership, but they are all allowed to call themselves ‘certified’.

That’s why the government of British Columbia saw through this sham and refused to recognize the iNACHI certification.

Bill Mullen

Nick I agree. With the cost of living going up, up, up, it makes more sense now more than ever to do online courses! This will be even more so given the cost of gas.

Actually its not. Anyone can now offer Nat. Cert. its for the taking and that is exactly what CSC and CMHC wishes for. And that is the only way u will have the program come to fruition from sea to sea.

Further to my last post, this from the CSC in reply to a letter I sent them seeking clarification on a number of items.

Of course anyone can offer the National Certification. In fact, I wish every association offered it so all Canadian inspectors would have their NCH. However, to be able to offer it, an organization needs to make some pretty serious committments that they will adhere to the requirements faithfully as set out in the CHIBO model.

So far, only the NHICC has agreed to the terms, but I not only welcome others to apply, I would gladly help them with their application.

Bill Mullen

See my response above.

Bill Mullen

I see the light at the end of the tunnel and It is the NACHI Train all the way .
You can get on ,get out of the way, or get run over .
I and others tried to support Bill /Oahi/Cahpi and it is impossible .
I joined NACHI in 2003 and now see it was the best move I could have made .
I wish the Canadian Homies all the best and expect we will see NACHI continue to grow and the old Canadian Associations continue to shrink.

Boy, is your nose ever going to grow tonight !!!

Bill you just have never learned how to talk and treat people . What with calling many Homies a Liar and Nick
Originally Posted by gromicko
InterNACHI is the NCA now. We took over the NCP.

("And that, sir, is absolute bull****. You can’t ‘take over’ something that is an asset of the Government of Canada. Bill Mullen “)
It is obvious you will never have the support you have tried to get .
Strange how you tend to ignore and lash out at those who could have pushed you to the top .
I guess it is time for you Bill to see you are loosing big time .
You just do not understand its over .
All the best Bill I still enjoy what I do and will continue helping our industry. Too Bad you did not take a
(” ")
you might have been a winner instead of a winer

Brian, to answer your question, InterNACHI certifies home inspectors, not home inspections.

What does INACHI certify those claiming to be home inspectors as? Certified “home inspectors” or certified “members” of INACHI?

Why hasn’t the INACHI “certification” process been accepted at the state or provincial level where HI is regulated?

Why has James Bushhart claimed that INACHI does not certify “home inspectors”?

Nick, you once claimed you would answer all my questions…

Why are my posts on CMI and the online training claims by yourself being suppressed? the truth does sting sometimes!!

PS…Just found this in a response to a very recent post of mine:

*“Brian - Actually NACHI does not say you’re a “Certified Home Inspector” it says your a certified member of INACHI. Two different things.”
Two entirely different things. Many believe that this organization “certifies” them as home inspectors and advertise as such. Those that do not have “certification as a home inspector” from other recognized / accredited organizations with rigorous and defendable standards should not be allowed to join as full members here…it says members are “Certified Home Inspectors”…more dissembling by Nick!!! Smoke and mirrors galore here!!!

Only allowing “certified HI’s” in would not please Nick!! Since this organization (read sales organization, not really an association in the true sense of the word) with this board being the sales tool, he is essentially “internet phishing” for newbies with $$$$$ to replace the 80-90% that will not be in business and here in 3 years!! It’s sad that the turnover here is so high…

From the Abstract:

"[FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT]The meta-analysis found that, on average, students in online learning
conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. The difference between student outcomes for online and face-to-face classes was larger in those studies contrasting conditions that blended elements of online and face-to-face instruction
with conditions taught entirely face-to-face."

As you can see, a mix of** classroom** (face-to-face) and online training is the best versus either online or classroom by themselves. Where’s the classroom (face-to-face) training here? You have chosen to select a position that supports your wishes. Read the report again!!


8 years in Canada NACHI is the biggest does the most is the least secretive .
The other Associations can not see the old ways do not work.
OAHI has a conference and is not smart enough to invite all association’s to come .
They always have untended booths, Give one to each association allow their members to come all pay the same price and see the attendance increase immensely .
The closed door methods , the insulting others , is a failure .
This closed door attitude has not helped our industry has not improved the education of most inspectors .
When about 5% or less of active inspectors attend some one needs to examine the system now used .
Ever been to an Automotive show they usually have many different cars to see .

They are being suppressed because of the manner in which you ask. And the annoying manner in which you present yourself as superior, all knowing.

Maybe you would gain more mileage if you approached the subject with a different attitude.