Finding roof age

When you do a 4 point it asks the age of roof and the age of plumbing, how do you determine that? Are you required to look up permits?

Jonathan Wilhelm

32 views and no one wants to help you. You are not required to do anything if not supplied by the owner. However, with regards to the roof, you can look up permits online or thought buildfax. If nothing is there, after a while of being in the business, you should be able to make an educated guess. Type of tile, type of bird stop, installation application, thichness of drip edge, granual loos on shingles, curling shingles, brittle shingles - all of thse will give you an idea of age. As for the plumbing, it is usually as old as the house, unless you can verify that it has all been updated / replaced.

By the way your web site link does not work

It is the easiest way.

You might want to get into the habit of performing a permit search for every home you inspect. It takes very little time and can provide you with a lot of information.
Yesterdays inspection had a reroof in 2006. Permit was still open. I informed everyone why and it will be taken care of this week.

The best advice you could get.

I’m doing the same thing as Eric and it is very useful and helpful.


Good info guys.

Greg, what is the percentage of actually finding the permit online in Brevard County on an older install, say 8-10 years old?