First for me

On Friday I just started going over the agreement at the inspection, and the Realtor says, “shes falling!” I look over and grab my client (buyer) just before she hits the floor. She fainted and was out for about 30 seconds.
Apparently I am doing something wrong and have to change my delivery…

Maybe the last price increase was a little steep? :wink:

Did You shower?..You do live in a warm climate…just sayin…

That’s funny, Mark and “Nice Catch”…:shock:

Mark that is awesome…a nice breath of fresh air around here from all the drama.

Thanks for the chuckles.


When you need an EMT on site to have folks sign your inspection agreement, you’re doing something correct…:lol:

Somebody’s gotta say it. Very nice. :wink:

Oops, you’re right Steve…!!!

very nice


I heard it happens to Rock Stars perhaps Mark you may want to tone it down a little .lol

You tried the new Axe body spray?

good one