First paid Inspection checklist?

I am getting ready to schedule my first paid inspection. I don’t have software. So I’m going to have to manually write the report. And I’m wondering if anybody has a checklist of everything that I need.

Also Not quite sure how to use the Forum and wanting to know if there’s anything I need to do to join the buyback program.

I am a new inspector so please take this with a grain of salt. What I have noticed is that there are a lot of inspection software companies that offer free trials of their software even when used for paid inspections. This would be a great way to get to know what software suits your style best and will provide a better end product for your client. Just my two cents. Good luck!


Drew is right, you would be better off with a trial version of any software than the pen and paper. You want your report to look good.


That’s SECONDARY to not winding up in court!!!


Everything you need to inspect is called the SOP. Why not try Tap Inspect, you get five inspections for free every inspection after that is five dollars. I use it on my iPhone or iPad pretty simple to use.


There are a plethora of software options out there. I thus concur with what has been said thus far. If you pull up the nachi or your state SOP if there is one, you can use that to make a checklist.

Here is the nachi reference for checklists though:

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What did you use for your mock inspections? If you haven’t done any yet I would do some prior to your first paid one. Try sample report software and take lots of pictures. Try doing your own your home and start to make a template for your first paid inspection. Good luck with your new career

Please do not use something like this ~ OMG
Thank God there were “closet rods” in all the closets.

Professional Report.pdf (149.0 KB)


Dice”… as in “Roll 'em”?? :astonished:

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Who the hell knows how he got business.
The report was taken off the World Wide Web.


I’ll put this bluntly. You are not ready to go into business and if you go into business before you are ready you may be finished before you start and you may harm somebody.
A home inspector is entrusted with the physical and financial well-being of both his clients and the seller. OK, and the agents.

DO NOT accept paying inspections before you are qualified. The term “qualified” has little to do with what courses you have passed. It means that you understand what you are doing; that you are capable in both the inspection and business aspects of home inspection and can act as a professional.

Look Eric, your post make it obvious that you are not qualified. Jeff, Michael, Christopher, Marc and myself, we’re all experienced inspectors and we’re trying to warn you. We all started out new, just like you, but we didn’t all start out performing paid inspections before we were qualified. Cancel your inspection and take the time to learn this business before you take on work.

One more thing; Read my article on Choosing Inspection Software ( Follow its suggestions and then trying out a few, choose, and learn how to use some inspection software. That process alone will teach you a lot about home inspection


We have two reports that are free to InterNACHI members. They are Legacy Home and InspectorLogic Starter Edition. You can get them through

Yesterday (July 29) was our 28th anniversary and we have a two-day anniversary sale going on. Our top of the line software is on sale for the lowest prices ever.

Hi, W Eric.
Don’t cancel the inspection, if at all possible.

Are you referring to an inspection checklist? or a checklist of what you need to perform an inspection? We have a basic home inspection checklist in Word at, if that’s what you’re looking for.

To offer the Buy Back Guarantee to your clients, you have to be a CPI®. The program details are at, and I recommend checking out the FAQs at

Because you’re new, I highly recommend:

In relation to software, I have used them all, and I’m currently using

And I see that you’re in Ohio. You’ll want to visit our Ohio webpage of home inspector information and resources at


Ben is the one to listen to for sure he knows what he’s doing just saying.

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I was thinking of a ckeck list of what to bring , like a thank you letter for home owner. I guess it’s the boy scout training in me. When getting ready to go camping I would use the check list of everything to pack.

Wow I certainly hope that wasn’t done in Texas. I can only imagine the face or reaction of the client when receiving this report.

Like Marc said … Don’t use an incomplete report system.

That report did not even cover electric, A/C, heat, etc. So although the format was good it was incomplete as is.

He got business because a certain group of real estate sales people kept him going.

When you are cheap, soft, say nothing and use scrimpy reports your name FLYS thru the real estate community in rural Kansas areas as THE GUY to go to.


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