First time for this!!

First time in 11 years…Never seen this before

Well… what the heck else was the hole in the drain pan for… good match, right? :slight_smile:

Did they re-use an un-coated brass gas line? What happened to upper and lower thirds… the list can go on. And it usually does, as that brand of water heater is sold at the big box stores…


Yes, old brass gas line, no trap in line, no screws on vent had duct tape instead, draft hood not seated properly, blocking missing, interior location needing a watts-210 like you said on and on…

Quite unique indeed :smiley: Maybe that’s to put out the fire…

Looks like standard PVC.:frowning:
Saw the picture and thought you meant the earthquake straps.

No markings, letters, numbers. It looks like poly B?
I would be concerned about the temperature of the steam that will radiate onto the product.
Will the fittings fail and some one is in the room at the time.
I would write it up HARD AND FAST IF NOT COMPLIANT:)
And lastly.

SUSPECT: TRV; Relief value drainage plumbing assembly.

  1.                temperature relief valve with a                   temperature sensing element located within the top 150 mm of                   the tank and designed to open and discharge sufficient water                   from the tank to keep the temperature of the water in the                   tank from exceeding 99oC (212o F) under all operating                   conditions, or
  2. See if that plumbing product is COMPLIANT. Does the heat effect the glue or fittings and pipe. The steam pressure will be eminence if the TPV it is tripped…
  3. SUSPECT::twisted:
  4. Just an opinion.

For those not in California, and report on “earthquake straps”…

I suggest using the proper term of “Seismic Straps”. You will get less people “freaking out” and or calling BS !!!

The term ‘seismic’ relates to ground/earth movement/tremors “from any event” including earthquake, tornado, hurricane, explosion, landslide, flood, etc…

Get to the point…“EarthQuake straps” :slight_smile:

The next time I see one will be the first time.

Seismic straps is what they are refered as.

Reason of the post was the T&P line

So there !!!


Me to BOB, although Montreal is on a fault-line.

So Robert and/or Bob… serious question…

What happens when one day, in the wee hours of the morning (when earthquakes tend to happen the most) a moderate earthquake hits and a past client’s WH ruptures (or water lines break) from tipping over? Their savvy attorney notices that you did not report on the lack of seismic straps, and the included pic shows no straps.

Who do you think is gonna get that call?

True story…

In April, I inspected a home, and reported the lack of seismic straps. The day after the report was issued, my client copied me on an email from the sellers agent, where bacically she said I was nuts, and had no “right” to report on the lack of straps, as we don’t have earthquakes in MN. I reiterated to my client that they were recommended in part due to all the tornado activity we have. He agreed completely.

The next morning, as if a sign from above… (this occured 100 miles west of the home I inspected)…

My client called me the same day this happened, thanked me again for looking out for his family, and we shared a good laugh at the agents expense.

And then, a month later…

I was soooooo tempted to email the sellers agent, but bit my tongue instead! :mrgreen:

The plumbing assemble and exit for the t&P pressure value return to exhaust the steam in close proximity to the gas line shutoff and manual emergence shut off valve.

Joints between polyethylene plastic pipe and tubing or fittings shall comply with Sections 605.20.1 through 605.20.4. http://
flue shut-off
A boiler should be equipped with a pressure-relief valve with a minimum rated capacity for the equipment served. A boiler operates at a maximum water pressure of 160 psig, and at a maximum water temperature of 250° F (121° C). A pressure-relief valve should be set at the maximum rating of the boiler. ** Discharge should be piped to drains by gravity to " within 18 inches (457 mm) of the floor or to an open receptor."**
[size=2]I see a deficiency in the installations.


No Jeffery I agree 100% with you.
seismic straps. Jeffery. Not earth quake straps. That is all.