Hey Ir guys

If you had your choice between the TIR32 and the T420, which one would you choose for commercial roof , moisture intrusion and electrical ?

After much research and picking the brains of some of the top guns in the industry I went with the T-420. Just got it 3 days ago and it is all that it is hyped up to be and more. Beautiful picture quality.

Of the two, the T420. I would look seriously at the Testo before deciding though.

The Testo 885 is a really nice camera. For the money the sharpness is in a class of its own. What tipped the scale for me was the free level training offered by Flir last month. It allowed me to move up in class.

The 420 is a nice piece of equipment. That coupled with good training, experience, and a will to learn, will pay off in the future. If you get the bug, like some of us here have, the sky is the limit.:wink:

Thanks guys , Jeff, Chuck I looked at the Testo, but had the oppurtunity to get the level 1 with the T-420 included. That was a deciding factor for me. And Linas I have it so bad I can’t sleep at night!!! I appreaciate the replies, it just backs up my choice.

I have 2 IR jobs next week for 2 Fortune 500 companies. I had no competition to bid against for these jobs and was able to set my price. I gave them a deal at $2000/day.:wink:

Then don’t look back. You’ve got a nice piece of equipment to work with.

Thanks Linas, I am so excited I can,t hardly stand it. I have so much to learn , but, I am ready for it,and thanks Chuck I won’t be looking back, my wife won’t let me

That is a great deal from Flir. I share your excitement.
Have you been over to the NACBI site? If you want to learn and grow an IR business there is no better place or group of people. Membership is a bargain.

What is a ball park price of the T-420 if I may ask?

My one issue with Testo is the propitiatory file format of the scans. You can’t just slap a .JPG into your tablet or email it to a client…

I have had Inspectors send me their report and I can tune scans in their reports without opening another software program. How would you like to have to convert your digital pics all the time to use them (like we used to)?

I think the T-420 is a excellent choice and about that bug once you are truely bitten it never goes away, one just keeps striving for more education it never stops:cool:

I use the T420 daily, I’m amazed at the quality and productivity of this device, my customers are also certainly happy I have it!

Thanks Bryce for the pm
There are many other options for IR
My goal is in the commercial roof and electrical. I did not want to have to upgade in a year or two, thats why I bought a better camera.