Tower Hill Insurance 4-Point Report

Eric Van De Ven generously allowed me to use his Tower Hill Insurance 4-Point inspection report as the basis of a new Tower Hill compliant 4-Point report.

The report is an interactive PDF with full reader usage rights (save your data with the form, etc.) It will work on Mac, PC, iPad, or Android. Mac users should use the free Adobe Reader X or Adobe Reader XI instead of Preview.

You can customize the report with your company information. Enter your information on the first page and save the file. Your information will automatically appear at the top of each page of the report. the inspector’s signature field is an image field so you can insert a JPEG of your signature and save it in the form along with your company information.

There is a statement at the bottom of the last page that says “This form may be freely distributed provided the copyright notice and website address remain intact”. That statement appears ONLY on your computer screen. It will NOT be on flattened or printed copies.

As with all PDFs, be sure to flatten the file before distributing to your customers.

Download link:

They accept most 4 point inspections as long as they have pictures. I never even label them and have never had a problem. If they do not know what they are looking at then they should not be doing that job :slight_smile:

Thanks George and Eric. Nice work.

Thanks George. And thanks again Eric.

Mike, as to your comments. I too used to not label them but, thought it would just be a nicer looking form by having them labeled. Although I was never asked to identify a picture, I figured this way there shouldn’t even be a question regarding them as they are labeled. I look at this as a small extra that isn’t setting me back time wise since the form has them as a drop down box.


The reason I sent this to George is that so far, I have had five of them accepted by Citizens instead of the new form.

The whole purpose of making a form appealing to the eye as well as easy to understand, is to make it so the agents will accept it as it is easier to read and understand for them.

One of my own personal goals, is that when Citizens is gone, other insurance companies do not use their forms, as I have said many times, whoever is designing these forms has no clue about form design!

Eric and George
Nice looking form and very generous of both of you.
The Home Inspector trade creating forms that are widely used by the majority of inspectors regardless of trade organization affiliation would be a great first step in giving the trade a professional presence.
Agents, underwriters and others will see the same well designed form on a daily basis and will have no need to create their own.

That is what I was trying to do previously for these insurance inspections. Have one form that would be accepted by all insurance companies and be easy to use.

Hopefully Citizens will rethink their methodology when it comes to designing forms…or they can just call me to do it. I’d give em a real god price! :mrgreen:

The info on the bottom of the Citizens form says if you use another form it must have the same level of detail.
I say that makes ya good to go!
One suggestion would be adding additional photo pages. If needed you have them, if not you just dont print them. I currently have 8 pages of four pics…rarely needed though. I reworked one you (Eric) posted earlier.
Had a 30 day trial of Adobe.:mrgreen:

edit…oopps…never mind…I just looked at the form again and I see there is 10 added photos at the end!:shock::shock::shock:

I had suggested that, but, the whole purpose of this form is to actually limit the number of pages and still be acceptable.
I think there are 10 pictures on the last page. I think I actually suggested to George to add some more pages for pictures, or, that may have been another form.
If say every receptacle in the home was wired wrong, just as an example, would you need to put 40 pictures of 40 receptacles?

Not a freaking chance. That would be like taking a picture of every sticker on every impact window when the house has 15 of them and they are all the same. One example only.

I have to do two Citizens Four Point inspections today and will be using this new form. I expect it to fly right through with Citizens. It’s a very well done form.

Thanks Eric and George.

I would suggest you fill out the form and then, send it to the agent and ask if they will accept it prior to using it.
So far, I have had no problems with it even with Citizens.

This was actually the form I wanted to become the standard four-point form as it provides just enough detail to accomplish the original goals of the four-point inspection.
Let me know how it works for you.

I have been using the new Citizens form since made available by George and have had zero issues. I’m going to try the one Eric submitted and compare the two. I was a bit aprehensive when the new form came out at the begining of February. I had been using the Nachi approved form up until now. I actually like the new Citizens form and enjoy the ability to add the pictures right on the form without additional attachments.

Now if I can just get the signature image done correctly on the wind mit form! It’s a correct size on the 4-point form but when I use it on the 1802, it is tiny. If I have some time later this weekend maybe I’ll mess around with it a bit.

Thanks again to both Eric and George for their contributions. Very generous of them.


What are you all charging for stand alone 4 points. Citizens form.

Do you just now do the citizens approved / erics form or similar or do any of you still offer a traditional 4 point?

If you offer different ones what do you charge?
How long does your average one take to do per type? Lets just say an average 3/2 under 2000 sq feet.

It seems to me most of you could get a great deal more than you charge.

I rarely do stand alone inspections, although, I do have two stand alone wind mits this week.
It is minimum $200.00 for any stand alone inspection I do.
If I can use my form for the four-point, then with the home inspection, it is free.
If I have to use the Citizens form, it is additional.

I charge $150 as a Stand Alone, or free with the home inspection. It will not add any time to the home inspections, or 45 minutes as a Stand Alone.

I charge $150.00 stand alone. If I do it along with a home inspection it is $100.00.

I tell the client they’re saving $50.00 mostly travel and set up if they do it while I’m there.


The only reason I offer it free with a Home Inspection is it usually will close the deal every time.

I hear you Eric. Maybe try offering just one of them alone with the inspection ( maybe the 4 point) and then mentioning that if you do a wind mitigation as well for an extra $100.00 they may even save some money on their property insurance premiums? Especially if you see the possibility for them to do so. Just an idea that could net you an extra $100.00. At least try it and see if it works for you.


Yes, that’s exactly what I do. The Four Point is always free (with a home inspection) and if they get a Wind Mit on the same visit, I will do that for $100 (saving them $50 if I were to do it seperate). It almost always works. I guess great minds think alike!