Florida HI licensing question

Maybe someone could help me with this. I hear they are removing the My Safe Florida Home wording on the 1802 and replacing it with FL HI. Does anyone have a copy of this one with the new wording on it they would like to share or has it not happened yet?
Thanks, John
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This topic is to be adressed at a public hearing in Tallahassee on sept 22.

Thanks Dennis. So it has not been created yet?

If this change is like the last change look for a new form come next July sometime. :wink:

Like he said. We will all know after the meeting on sept 22. As of now, it has not been created yet.

Looks like the OIR is letting the Insurance Companies know.


I would say the memo and new law make clear that HI’s can perform wind-mits.

Make sure you all send the people who say you need more info in your reports the letter stating if they don’t want to accept your report they have to pay for their own.

Any time universal complains send them that letter.

It’s pretty clear.

We include a copy of the memo with a copy of our HI License and the Wind Mitigation certification. We have not had any issues to date and actually Universal has accepted it without any problems.

Looks like we may actually have something working. Now we just need to eliminate the other companies that are still charging $50-$75 for the same inspection.

Ive also been trying to figure out how to “eliminate” the competition. With the new licensing and state-wide training courses taking place, the exact opposite is occurring.

My problem is with companies that are not home inspection firms. If other inspectors are getting the business and charging a fair price, so be it, but the other ones are sucking the business dry. :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

what type of companies?

Like I have said all along you WILL see them for $19.99

and how does that feel?









i still dont get it, who is he referring to? what type of companies?

:nachi:Folks: $125.00 for a W/M is a fair price when you factor in: Gas, time (field work), time to prepare and complete the report. Not mentioning your overhead cost to be in business.

However, when performing a Comprehensive Home Inspection, a W/M cost should a nominal cost (+/- $55.00).

**The same goes with a 4 Point Insurance Inspection. Whoever is charging less is out of his mind #-oor is not running a business just a charitable contribution scheme:^o. ****Hang around with looser and you become one:(. **

Charging those low prices do not make any business sense you are better off working at the Burger King for minimum wages at least they pay for your health insurance, life insurance and contribute to your Social Security fund. You will be working in a HVAC environment super sizing the fries and the drinks:roll:.

No disrespect intended- but many would consider your pricing as noted above as “low balling”. Considering the amount of work involved to complete the wind mit. per “recommended practices” by those providing the training, as well as the high liability exposure and threat of prosecution from the insurers that don’t want us doing wind mitigation inspections anyway, fees should be much higher than $125 for a wind mit, even when conducted as an ancillary service.

The problem with us as a profession, I believe, is that many of us have a day laborer mindset (thinking in terms of rate per hour for services): example $55 dollars for a 1 hour wind mit = $55/per hour. Until we as a profession get past that mind set and start recognizing that we are paid for our knowledge and special skill set as opposed to our time- fees will remain in the gutter.

Haven’t heard that yet BUT, are we, as Certified Home Inspectors that have completed the FLASH tng, able to conduct the wind mits now?