Home Inspector Council 2013?

Does the home inspector council still exist? If, yes, do we still have a representative on the council? If yes, can that representative give the members a briefing as to what is going on or an updated agenda or goals and objectives for the council? Just curious. Thanks in advance to the leaders in our industry for any information they may be willing to provide.

The council does exist and has not had a meeting.

call me directly if there is something specific you want to know.


nothing specific. Just looking for a general update on status and goals and objectives that the council is working on for our industry.

what do you want us to work on?

Well- since you asked:

I would like to see our leaders on the council work on the following:

  1. Removing the unfair trade practice that currently exists is F.S. 627.711 (wind mitigation inspections) by either of the following methods:
    A. Prohibit contractors and engineers from using unlicensed employees to perform wind mitigation inspections:
    B. Allow ALL other licensees (also small business owners) to utilize unlicensed employees to perform wind mitigation inspections for their respective companies
    Either scenario is fine with me as both options will eliminate the unfair trade advantage that the contractor and engineer are currently enjoying over the other licensees.

  2. Require ALL underwriters in the insurance industry that review inspections by licensees to have the same wind mitigation training and competency testing as the licensee that does the inspection. I think the reason for this is apparent.

  3. Finalize the standards of practice. I would suggest dropping the current work in progress in favor of recognizing the current SOP of NACHI, FABI, and ASHI. As long as the licensee is using on of those standards and conveys that to the client- it should be legally recognized and acceptable.

  4. Work and language in the home inspector statute that closes the giant loop hole that currently exits as to what constitutes a “home inspection”. Currently, the law allows a “so called” inspector to omit one item or system in the home and do some sort of an inspection. By doing so, the “so called” inspector is not bound by the home inspector licensing law as he/she has not done a “home inspection” as defined in the statute. Consequently, they are not regulated or in violation of “unlicensed activity”.

  5. Similar to item 4 above, require ancillary or single item or system inspections to fall under the home inspector licensing law.

  6. I am NOT in favor of establishing a “Home Inspector Licensing Board”. I have many reasons for this and would be happy to debate this issue in detail in an open forum for all to see and participate.

  7. Finally, work on reversing the CILB decision regarding contractors performing inspections without a home inspector license and without being bound the the home inspector licensing law’s ethics provisions. Obviously a lofty goal- but I believe that it is the morally and ethically correct position and one worth pursuing for the professional inspector and the public at large.

Respectfully submitted for our leaders’ consideration.

Some really good ideas and reasonable but, I am sure we can debate them all to some degree.

I am not sure when we are meeting but I will inquire. I will send them you requests also.

Here is one response. I was thinking of joining FABI but I guess not:

My response via email:

"Raymond Biron-Pro View
10:18 PM (33 minutes ago)

Once again, I am left off the email list. I am going to be brief and to the point. I am tired of you playing these games. Tell your organization how you dropped the ball when you committed to the council that you would produce a 4-PT inspection that represented the council and home inspection industry as whole, that the realtors could have presented to the leaders of the insurance industry at their convention. Then it comes to my attention, that most of your business is insurance related. That possibly sheds some light on why a 4-pt inspection was not produced to the realtors.

Now you have an agenda for us. Your #1 concern, Wind Mitigation! Since it is a majority of your business. I see why this would to be your #1 & #2 priority. The only word that comes to mine at the moment is selfishness!!!

We don’t have a “Standards of Practice” , “Fla. Home inspectors Exam” or any respect from contractors, the Insurance industry or the State Legislature. Your agenda is completely off base for the home inspectors we represent.

This is why am am asking you to resign from your position on the council. I would like your organization to appoint a representative that will represent home inspectors concerns.

I would like other council members to respond or opinions to this email.

Raymond Biron, President
State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector #HI125
F.A.B.I. "

Well- that is disappointing but not surprising. The response continues to validate my concerns for the “council”. For the record, the list I submitted was not prioritized by level of importance to me. As the unfair trade advantage that currently exists in the wind mitigation statute is so glaringly obvious and likely a violation of the unfair trade practice act, I thought it would be “low hanging fruit” for the council’s lobbyist.

I’ll pursue the objectives on my own. Thanks for your efforts John.

Don’t be too quick to judge everyone in FABI. Ray Biron is only 1 of 6 Directors.

Actually, you should join and try to effect change that’s meaningful and relevant. You’ve proven yourself very resourceful in the past, I’m sure you’d bring creative ideas to the table.


That responce is very disappointing to say the least. After all the time and money that has been spent by you and others…

LMAO…go figure! This is why Realtors, contractors, landscapers, garbage men, and vagrants will push our profession around. We have no cohesion, no agenda, no nothing. We just react to everything that is being thrown at us.

When you become a contractor now, they send you a notice and ask if you want to become a home inspector, for $75. No test, no insurance, no requirements…Kinda funny.

Many of you think Nick has it all handled. He has 49 other states and who knows how many other countries.

Nick once stated that contractors will only be able to perform work on houses they inspect only “over his dead body”. When did Nick die? They can do it.

Instead of spending money, just face it we are screwed and there is noting you can do and start finding ways to perform your job at $99 a pop…

We spent money on Steven Taylors “representative” and were never asked for input, given updates.

It is all a waste of money. If your not getting at least $100,000 a year, you might as well do nothing and save the very little money spent. Last year alone I saved about $7000 by not caring…

Mr Biron,

   Lets be honest here, The state is the one that has dropped the ball. We have been licensed for over 2 years and still don't have rules that should have been in place from day one. We have no SOP, COE, or real understanding of who can do a home inspection or mold inspections. 

As for respect that is earned and IMHO we haven’t done much to earn respect from anyone. How can we expect others to respect the profession when we can’t respect each other?

I see that you want to rag on John, could you please tell us what you have done over the last two years to make a difference in our profession?

Thank you

Personally, I find it ironic that one of the causes of the mess we now find ourselves in was due to the rush to licensing pushed by some home inspection associations.

This whole licensing debacle has caused a breach of trust which can never be repaired, you’ll just have to wait for us haters to die off, God knows we can’t be talked to.

Multiply that by 10 for me. In a couple of years, I’ll be relaxing and enjoying another profession.
I hope the newer inspectors can pull together and fight for your profession.

Today’s communication

My response

What many fail to realize is that one person can do nothing. 5 people can do nothing. It takes 100’s of people to make a difference. Without that it is useless. We need 100’s of licensed inspectors to go to Tallahassee when there is a meeting and ALL stand up and speak.

We get about 10 people. Most of the early supporters of the council faded away in seeing that it can accomplish nothing with the resources (people and money) that is presently has.

Want to know why John Shishilla is on the council. BECAUSE its a peice of crap, thankless, horrible position where there is no present way to win and no one else wants to commit to going to Tallahasee. It isn’t because of the need or want of the position, its because of the lack or ANYONE else wanting the position.

I even offered to rent a party bus and no one wanted to go.

Think on how Ray got the email he is mad about. A member wanted answers, so he (JOHN) forwarded the request to the council. What freakin more do you want from the guyl He was seeking the answers a member requested.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

Good luck John…

Sorry I started the thread.

Steve the funny part was I was trying to get together with FABI I thought they were great.

Several months ago one of the board members got drunk and went off on me. He went on about everything from Internachi, to my age and our uniforms. Two FABI members drove to my office to personally apologise for him.

Now I forward some information for discussion(I have not heard from them in months) and I get accused of not holding up commitments to the council. He must be off of his meds or something, I just do not get it.

If he/they do not like something I did or said then it certainly should be discussed.

Is there a plan ‘B’? :-k