Florida meeting is underway...

Need to raise money. They want to raise 50k a year for legislation.

Talking about how the purpose of the council was to obtain a focus goal. But, my point is that no one ever asked for our input. My position since day one is that, we have never been asked for our input. How can you represent me when you never ask for my input.

Greg Bell just mentioned is that we are not heard and the independant inspector has no input.

They are now saying we have no input because we we are paying to play.

Dennis Flagler just offered Greg Bell his position.

Talking about writing your legislators. This is a great idea. Consider doing it.

Talking about getting one voice. But from the way it sounds they want it to be their voice.

“one voice”…lol…my wife just saw that and said…“Good Luck with that”. We can’t get 10 inspectors to agree to anything.

Are you f ing kidding me. They should just let the homeowner fill them out themselves… Unbelievable.:roll:

nice updates

Thanks for the updates

This is not being proposed by the lobbyist or HI council. This being done by OIR and DPBR as being unneeded

Where are you getting your feedback?

So is the OIR is going to remove all requirements? That will help about as much as the new form has.

One thing for sure it will help the customers with the cost of the inspections. They will be able to do them all by themselves and save some cash.

Go Oir :roll:


Any talk pertaining to the Mold Remediator License? – Hate to spend the money next week on the education and license if they are going to extend the grandfather clause or remove the license altogether. Same goes for the Mold Assessor License— planning on sending off application next week and obtaining insurance — nothing like last minute news to stir the pot!

Nice Logo Meeker!!!=D>

Doesn’t that I Pad have a web cam?

Russ, is this is just talk or does DBPR is going to put a hold on new aplications comming in for Mold Assessors??

Thanks. Robert does a great job.

I hope they get rid of the separate license for the Mold that would be great for all of us.

The mold assessor license do not make any sense. Especially when you have to obtain a 1M E&O and 1 M GL. More money for DBPR and more money for the isurance industry. Crazzzzyyyyyyyyyyy. Screwing the small business HI once again, again!!!