fs: fluke ti55ft

hello all,

I recently acquired a fluke ti55ft from a relative that passed away. I have everything that came packed in the original heavy duty pelican case besides the charger (couldn’t find it). the camera has been tested (via ac adapter that was included) and was recently calibrated, I believe (based on a receipt inside the box). I can get pics of anything, including serial numbers and model numbers. I’d be happy to answer any other questions, as well. considering the date of purchase in conjunction to when my relative passed away, I can tell you the camera was not used very much, at all.

hello again,

I don’t mean to my bump the thread again, but I wanted to know from people with experience, what a fair price for this would be. I know the market is fairly narrow, so I’m looking to give someone a fair price for this, whether it be on here or thru ebay. thanks in advance.