ONE (1) Fluke TiR32 in stock...

Hey all, we normally don’t sell very many TiR32’s because the Ti32 is essentially the same camera with a higher temperature range. In any case, we had a customer order a TiR32, then change his mind and opt for the Ti32, therefore I have a Fluke TiR32 that is (believe it or not) unspoken for.

As you may know, AC Tool Supply offers free ASNT Level I Thermography Certification ($1,695.00 value) through either Infraspection Institute or the Snell Group – with the purchase of a Fluke Ti32 or TiR32. The same goes for this TiR32.

The Fluke backorder for either a Ti32/TiR32 is still 10 - 12 weeks, and that’s if you’re already on a list. So if you’ve been waiting to make up your mind, this may be the sign you’re looking for.

If you’re interested, call (480) 292-2160 or (480) 528-4045.

great camera … i agree some might want the high temps, but if you are on site and need to have a narrow span you can not get it on the ti32 … with smartview you can do the same with both camera images on. the TiR32 is a great camera. i own one myself. i don’t need anything over the 300 mark…

  1. What is the difference in SPAN on the TI32 & TiR32 on the camera out in the field (not fiddling with software at the office later, etc)?

  2. What youse asking for the camera itself - NO packagem trainging, etc?


The Ti32 can bring its span down to 4.5F in manual mode and 9F in auto mode. The TiR32 is 3.6F in manual and 5.4F in auto. With that being said the TiR1 (a great building diagnostics camera) has the exact span specs as the Ti32.

One thing you will not find on a specs sheet is how they pick the detectors for the two cameras. When detectors are made no two have the same exact thermal sensitivity. Before Fluke bought Infrared Solutions there was a company that marketed to pest control companies for basically the same application covered here in a recent thread. This company would bring in a ton of these cameras, the IR Insight XLS and black body test them. I have heard of some of these cameras getting close and even slightly below 30mk (.03 C at 30C). Where this story leads is that I have been told that the detectors for the TiR32 are basically hand picked vs the Ti32 for a better thermal sensitivity. So both cameras are listed at <50mk, but the TiR32 gets pick of the litter for thermal sensitivity.

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