Foam roof repairs

Did a home yesterday that had a foam roof on it. There had been a leak around the evaporative cooler and the owner had a roofing company fix it. What I found was that roof fabric (felt, fiber glass, not sure what) was attached to the roof and a white (assume reflective coating ) was coated over the material that was attached. To me it looks like a band-aid. There was some buckling in the material and some areas where the fabric was not adhered to the foam beneath it. Anyone know if this is the proper way to repair a foam roof? I have looked at ways to repair a foam roof and can not find this type of repair anywhere.

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Ron, your post was about a leak around an evaporative cooler but none of your photos showed that. All they showed was a bunch of foam. If your question is about the proper way to perform a repair… and you looked at the repair… you should have taken a picture of the improper repair to show us. What do you expect us to tell you?

The repair had been made by layering what appears to be roofing felt over the foam roof and then coating it with a white coating, probably elastek or black jack. I just don’t know if that is the proper way to repair a foam roof. From the research I did it doesn’t appear to be the proper way. I informed the client that she should have a roofer that is knowledgeable in foam roof repair evaluate it.

Ronald, you might want to check out a quality local roofing company, talk to them and see if maybe you could visit with them and have them give you a primer on foam roof repair. I know foam roofs are fairly popular in your area and one source of knowledge (I know it’s a little far away but it might be worth a call) is:
Foam Applications Roofing and Insulation of El Paso

2617 E Missouri Ave (off I10 near downtown)
El Paso, TX 79903-3906
(915) 566-5110
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