Mobile home white roof coating

At an inspection and there is a plaster like roof coating on this mobile home. Leaning towards Spray Polyurethane foam.

My bigger concern is the small holes in the material. Doesn’t seem like it was applied correctly.

Any input on the life of roof left, type of roof, or if the holes are defects or normal?

Thanks All!

elastomeric the holes

Check this out



I’ve seen many SPF roofs, but not that particular defect. It sure looks like the foam was touched prior to it fully curing.
That said there are lots of weird things in the world, I’d want more evidence it’s SPF.

I agree with @mtimpani that the solution is sikiflex or some other caulk, then a new layer of elastomertic roof coating.

The salespeople will tell you SPF is closed cell and can’t get wet. This is… wrong. It gets saturated but slowly.