food inflation

I found this site giving away free food for just shipping cost. The food was good so I have some stored up now.… better to be prepared…

You wouldn’t happen to be one of the Independent Business Owners, would you?

Is this now a spam thread?

Spam, I get it .Food for storage :mrgreen:

No its not spam in the can. Its real food for you to be prepared if inflation hits (which it will), job loss or a disaster. You know what happens when a natural disaster hits and the shelves go bare in the store etc.

Yes, I am a member now.

Whats your plan for your family?

My next step is to give food away to those in need.

This thread is spam not the product you are hyping.

I’ll just wait for the FEMA helicopters to rescue me (after I shoot at them a few times for fun ;)), get relocated to a comfortable hotel, and use the FEMA debit cards until the government rebuilds my house.

senate bill s510 passed, united nations attempt to take over the food supply is underway.