Footings in the mud plane

Anyone care to give me some suggestions as how to best describe this footing arrangement. I’m thinking stilts but as you can see they are primarily 2x4’s on 30" centers with an intermediate buildup in the center of the home.
Its on a mud or tidal flat area. And yes, they appear to be set in the mud with direct contact to the water. They must have some spread type footings beneath the uprights but I’m guessing it is no more substantial than another piece of wood on flat. Remarkable the floors are relatively level.
The Imperial hotel in Japan was built upon stilts or pilings that were spaced according to the soils capacity to support the structures weight. Bridges are also built upon wooden pilings as are modern piling homes which are driven to a certain resistance. It appears that in theory it’s likely this is substantial enough to support the house. The timbers being submerged in mud or water they are not prone to deterioration due to the lack of oxygen. The home was built in the fourties. If they drove the timbers with a sledge hammer until it don’t go no more… Then that’ll do.


I inspected hundreds timber bridge pilings back in the 80’s and the portion of the piling under water 100% of the time were good, same for the part 100% in the dry. However the portion in the wet/dry zone will rot, some quicker than others depending upon the amount of preservative in the wood. I would spot check the ones in your photos by digging down 6 to 12 inches.

Thanks Randy… I’ll recommend that. It’s a quick claim between family members rather than a traditional sale. The other dwelling is a barge that was brought in years earlier and is sitting in the mud…