I’m in on Sunday at 7:00. I would like to go paperless…saving paper, toner, and most importantly, time. Thanks!

Sorry not gonna happen.

Just because many of you keep spewing the same same suckass crap does not mean I am going to fold and shut up. Dream on.

Meeker -it’s me - the “New Guy”

Just because I don’t have thousands of posts don’t confuse that with “New”. I’m willing to bet that there are many more like me out here, watch. listen, learn. But, damn, it sure is hard to wade through all you drivel.

What you ARE missing, however, is that each of my posts has more relevant content than all 4,000+ of yours combined. What I’m here for is looking for serious discussion amongst some out there that are trying to be heard among your noise. Not only my posts, but those of many other likeminded professionals trying to be heard amonst your noise.

Professionals that I have met and have respect for - Like John Shishilla who, if you missed it, has taken tremendous efforts to bring a level of professionalism to the table. The man goes out of his way to not only help others, but to even better his competition. Like Greg Bell who is trying to pull us together as professionals so that we may have some control of the development of our profession.

So, no, don’t give up your principles just don’t feel the need to get in the way with them.

baaaaaaaaaa bababa baaa

That says it all.

I as well am intrested in the 7:00 Sunday instruction.

Excellent post. I find the ignore feature works extremely well. I treat a lot of posts like the scene of a car wreck after the medics and police arrive. I may glance towards it as I go by but keep my eyes on the road and keep going so I do not get into an accident myself or clog up traffic because I am goosenecking (i.e. responding). Some people are desperate for attention and if they can’t get it one way they will another. I find that if everyone just ignored them, they will eventually go away because they are not getting the attention they crave.

I think it is great that you are wanting to help and make sure everyone is on the “same” page. I would be interested in the webinar if you can make it happen. Being in the panhandle I realize that some of the items would be different for us. Let me know!

John, I’m also interested. I made forms but I don’t know how to make pdf’s secure.

**John I am also interested. However, I guessed I missed out the Sunday. Which Sunday you guys are talking about? **

Regarding Meeker’s comments I will not worry about, it is just Mike. The more knowledge we have the more power we have. If we are calling the HI an industry/profession than we will have to continue raising the bar. There will always be low ballers, mediocre inspectors, liars, and fly by night HI. I will NEVER lower my prices and compromise the quality and professionalism of my products. In the panhandle of Florida we are the most expensive HI Company and we back it up with our credential and products. Why worry about the competition when you are the best in what you do. John what you are doing for the HI business is commendable and put you one step above the competition. KUDOS for you!

Happy New Year to you all!!

Thanx John…

let me know the details

Giving someone a nailgun might however increase the risk that they shoot themself in the foot, or in Meekers case, the head.

Hey I think John is one hell of a nice guy and everyone he helps should be thankful. I am just saying the more folks do them and the better they are the more competition we all have. If you cannot see that then you are blind. It is a fact.

What do you mean by secure?
You can change the settings when you print to send.

HOME INSPECTOR USA Mobile Office is ready to start the new year with a bang! Equipment loaded, computers tune up, Infra Red equipment ready, test equipment ready, Inspection equipment ready, cameras ready and the tank of gas is full. We are ready to rumble!! Our goals are set high for 2012 but we have a great start. Totally booked this week. HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!\:D/

And…Once I get all Insurance forms greased up from John S, watch out I will be faster than the speed of light! My dear friend “The Meeker” Get onboard Mike =D>so you can drive the competition out of business](*,). The more we know, more money we will charged, and you can take that to the bank! :stuck_out_tongue:

145 Beachfront Trail, Unit 307A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 009.JPG

Sunday at 7. Send me the details.

Thanks Milton :wink:

It is 7:27 and no one has joined, Go to meeting states waiting on organizer?




7:45 time for me to give up on this go to meeting! No one has joined?


Great meeting John, lots of good info as always
See ya in radon class