If you are making your own pdf forms please make sure you are securing them before you send them out. You are making it way to easy for us to correct them:p and others to alter them.

I get at least one a month and laugh when I can steal your signature and alter the form without much more than a click.

Thanks John…

Did you also know that altering a form or stealing a signature is considered fraud?

And you admit to doing this? :mrgreen:

I print mine using a pdf driver so it cant be changed.

What are you going to do when the agent sends it to you and the inspector marked X on the window covering and then Mark A!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand the question.

If you are talking about updating a report, I have two copies of each wind mit, roof cert, and 4-point, that, should the need arise, I can modify.

The only way someone can modify one of my reports that gets sent out, is to redo it using a pdf making program and if that is what they want to do, if they get caught, it is fraud.

I have been having problems with the idiots that deal with citizens. I have had a few calls that they cannot upload the docs. Once I remove the security settings they are able to do it.

I only secure it where it cannot be modified or altered and they still have problems.

Do yourself a favor and spend 20 bucks and get docuprinter lt.
It is a print driver so your pdf with all the options boxes turns into just a readable pdf.

If some of you are just sending out the forms after you fill them out, then I can understand what John is talking about.

Yet another reason why I learned how to do this myself!:wink:

NI am just sending out a pdf.

When it is created it gives me security options.

I only choose the one I think I need.

Apparently it causes issues with SOME folks who deal with citizens.

No one else has ever had a problem.

I have had folks trying to view on apple mobile devices claim the forms are blank but when they view them on ANY regular computer there is no issues.

For the record stealing signatures would be childs play using the snippet feature and any good photo editing software.

Do not forget the SCUM bag Nachi guy that was signing his wind mits with my name. RW with FXX inspections in palm beach. Freaking dirtbag.

Since you seem to enjoy continually having problems, as you have stated above, others may be interested in options that don’t cause problems.

For those that wish to create a pdf from any document, download the trial version and test it out. Docuprinter LT

As for the inspector that was using your signature, that is fraud. Have him brought up on charges. I am sure you aren’t the only one that he has been forging signatures with.

Printing to a PDF driver does NOT make a PDF secure. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge can modify it. You need to enable security settings to prevent it from being edited.

Apparently I did not even have enough proof for the InterNACHI ethics community to take action.
What chance do you think I would have for real.

I was out of the state when it was done.
The agent wrote a letter stating the guy submitted it.
The homeowner said I was never there.

Yet nothing was done. Oh well.

Someday Karma will take care of it.

I agree but any 7th grader could probably make their own PDF out of anything saying anything.

Securing them is a joke.

Don’t believe me just email me a doc and I’ll prove it :slight_smile:

Hey Eric, I have adobe pro. I print from there I should be good right?


Have at it… I have attached a document using Docuprinter. Use your vast hacking skills to modify it and I mean the document itself, not some cut and paste special.

I have never had a problem with it. You can add security features somewhere in Adobe.

If someone really wants to, they can break the security. There is a program called pdf unlocker which can do that very easily. There are several others as well.

I think what John was referring to was people sending out reports just as the form came to them, except filled out.
I also know of some form designers that have made forms which allow you to print the document, so they could be “acquired” then filled out, then printed to a pdf, or, if you wanted to you could take the form, scan it as a pdf file, then modify some things.

As I said, if someone has criminal intent, they will figure out a way to do what they want.

Thanks John! :slight_smile:

I’m aware that this can be done. The report can be altered and re-printed as a new PDF with the alterations.

I would really appreciate an explanation or link on how to properly ‘lock’ my printed PDF’s so that they can’t be altered.

If anyone has a link on this, I would appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

All they have to do is make it a jpg and add a layer. Then save as PDF. SIMPLE as pie.

I am talking about a form, you can still click the boxes and “unclick” boxes. They must be “secured” in some fashion. Most security settings can create problems and some print drivers will not “secure” the document either. Send yourself a form you send out, to another computer and see if you can alter it. If you can, you have an issue. We print ours to pdf before they go out and save the original for alterations if needed.

I was kidding about changing others forms, but when you make it that easy, I would bet the agent or home owner will change them. We get copies of other unsecured forms rather often, it is actually sad.

That is exactly what I do and why those that purchase these forms and just use them, need to have some way to print them to a pdf, so they can’t be “easily” altered.

Mark A. Cramer, did you crack the document I posted yet?:roll:
Too bad print driver programs can’t add security…oh wait…they can.

We do that as well. I do know there is a higher level of security that attempts to prevent alterations to the printed pdf document.

Sending out an editable form is crazy, WOW!